NFL Week 6 Picks


Oct 2012

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NFL Week 6 Schedule

The 6th week of the NFL regular season is scheduled as following:


October 11th Match-ups
Time Home Team   Away Team
8:20 PM Tennessee Titans Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
October 14th Match-ups
Time Home Team   Away Team
1:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 PM New York Jets Vs. Indianapolis Colts
1:00 PM Cleveland Browns Vs. Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 PM Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Detroit Lions
1:00 PM Atlanta Falcons Vs. Oakland Raiders
1:00 PM Miami Dolphins Vs. St. Louis Rams
1:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Vs. Dallas Cowboys
4:05 PM Arizona Cardinals Vs. Buffalo Bills
4:05 PM Seattle Seahawks Vs. New England Patriots
4:05 PM San Francisco 49ers Vs. New York Giants
4:25 PM Washington Redskins Vs. Minnesota Vikings
8:20 PM Houston Texans Vs. Green Bay Packers
October 15th Match-ups
Time Home Team Away Team
8:30 PM San Diego Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos


This week there will be a couple of very good match-ups between some great teams. We will take a look at a few of these and predict which teams are more likely to win these balanced matches.



Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers; Steelers to Win


The Odds



Tennessee Titans +6           -110
Pittsburgh Steelers -6           -110


The first matchup of the 6th week of the NFL regular season is between the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though the Steelers are playing on the road, their superior defense will surely get them their 3rd win of the season.


Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh Steelers
Rank Offensive Rank
27 Average Score For 16
26 Total Yards 18
30 Rushing Yards 26
16 Passing Yards 11
Rank Defensive Rank
32 Average Score Against 16
29 Total Yards 5
28 Rushing Yards 11
25 Passing Yards 3


The Steelers simply have a much better defense than the Titans do, and the ability to stop the other team from scoring is one key to success. The one point that the Titans do average at is at passing the ball; however, the Steelers defense excels at guarding and blocking the passing game. This will come in handy when they are stopping the Titan offense. Even though the Steelers have a slightly above average passing game, they should do fine against a defense that is unable to properly stop the passes. Overall, the Steelers defense, and their ability to pass the ball is much better than the Titans, and that will ultimately bring the Steelers their 3rd victory.

Seeing as the Steelers excel at defense more than offense, they tend to have low scores, but at the same time their opponents will also have low scores. With such a huge gap between these two teams, it will be no surprise to see the Steelers score way above their average score.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens; Ravens to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Dallas Cowboys +4           -115
Baltimore Ravens -4           -105


The Dallas Cowboys have been very unbalanced and showing their inability to perform at a constant level, and this is where the Baltimore Ravens are going to swoop in take the victory.


Dallas Cowboys Baltimore Ravens
Rank Offensive Rank
30 Average Score For 10
16 Total Yards 8
29 Rushing Yards 13
4 Passing Yards 8
Rank Defensive Rank
13 Average Score Against 7
4 Total Yards 24
15 Rushing Yards 20
1 Passing Yards 22


Taking a look at the overall stats for each of these teams, one would imagine that the Cowboys would have a much better chance at beating the Ravens, but when you take a closer look at how they have been performing, the Ravens will certainly be able to beat them. On top of having the home field advantage, which the Cowboys seem to be weak at playing on the road, the Ravens have a much better offense overall. This means they are good at not only one specific area, but do well in all areas. The Cowboys may be good at passing the ball, but a team that only relies on their passing will not be able to win. The ravens do well at passing, rushing, and even at scoring field goals. They have a great all-around offense.

Their defense may be lacking is some areas, but they have still been able to keep their opponents in check for the past 5 games. On top of that, the Ravens have a positive turnover ratio, while the Cowboys have a negative ratio; proving that the Cowboys have a hard time maintaining possession of the ball.

The game will most likely end with a close score, but it will certainly be a high score as both teams will be relying mostly on their offensive prowess to prove which team is better.


New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks; Patriots to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
New England Patriots -4           -110
Seattle Seahawks +4           -110


This match is between a great team that has not been living up to expectations, while the other team has been proving they are worthy opponents. The Patriots have been up against some tough opponents, but the games they lost were only by a very small margin.


New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks
Rank Offensive Rank
1 Average Score For 28
1 Total Yards 27
3 Rushing Yards 7
9 Passing Yards 31
Rank Defensive Rank
17 Average Score Against 2
22 Total Yards 1
8 Rushing Yards 3
30 Passing Yards 5


This will be a great matchup where a team that dominates offensively meets a team that dominates defensively. This match will prove to be very difficult for both teams to score in. The Seahawks will be able to stop both the Patriots passing and rushing games, while the Patriots will be able to stop the one offensive area the Seahawks are good at, their rushing. In the end, the defenses will be playing most of the game, as there will be turnovers more often than 3rd down conversions. The one area that the Patriots are excellent at is maintaining and regaining possession of the ball, whereas the Seahawks do not particularly excel in this area. The Patriots will be using their full passing and rushing lineup in order to counter the Seahawks defense.

Scoring will be few and far between, but the Patriots will still be able to beat the Seahawks, and they may end up doing so by a large margin.


Houston Texans vs. Green Bay Packers; Texans to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Houston Texans -4           -110
Green Bay Packers +4           -110


This match is between two powerhouses in the NFL, although one has been proving there is a much better contender to getting to and winning the Super Bowl and that is the Houston Texans.


Houston Texans Green Bay Packers
Rank Offensive Rank
3 Average Score For 18
14 Total Yards 21
6 Rushing Yards 20
20 Passing Yards 15
Rank Defensive Rank
4 Average Score Against 14
3 Total Yards 16
9 Rushing Yards 17
4 Passing Yards 16


This is also going to be a great matchup this week. The Packers have had a less than great start, but are starting to get back into sync and have started to play much more like a football team. However, the Texans will be coming out on top yet again during the match. Without having to look at stats, simply by watching how the team plays, it is a great sight to behold. The Houston Texans, for me, are one team that has a great balance between the offense and the defense and they do very well at both.

By playing at home after winning a tough road game against the New York Giants is surely to get the team riled up to continue to prove their worth. The Texans do a good job of protecting their QB, as well as creating openings for the running plays; keeping the passing plays as a secondary tool with which to score with. The Packers seem to rely heavily on their passing game, which will not fair very well against such a great defense. It would seem that the Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers has been sacked more than any other quarterback in the league so far.

The Texans will most definitely be able to win against the Packers, and even do so by scoring a high number of points, and even getting a good point difference between the two.


Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers; Broncos to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Denver Broncos +3           -135
San Diego Chargers -3           -115


The Broncos have not been doing too well this season, but they have started to get better as a team. The Chargers have proven that they are able to beat tough offensive opponents, but the Broncos are going to take advantage of their weak link in their defense to score.


Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers
Rank Offensive Rank
9 Average Score For 13
9 Total Yards 23
17 Rushing Yards 16
5 Passing Yards 19
Rank Defensive Rank
19 Average Score Against 11
13 Total Yards 11
21 Rushing Yards 5
11 Passing Yards 20


The Broncos do not do very well when they are on the road, but their star QB, Peyton Manning is starting to show why he was one of the top quarterbacks of the league. The one area that the Chargers do not do well at defensively is at the pass coverage, and that is exactly where the Broncos are going to strike at. The Bronco defense may not be the best in the league, but they do a good job at stopping their opponents passing plays. It would seem the Chargers are pretty average when it comes to offense, and rely too much on their defense to win games. This is one area that Peyton Manning has learned to take advantage of and exploit.

This matchup will most likely end with a very close score, with the Broncos winning. Both teams will be able to score a good amount, making it seem that the total points for this game are going to be high.


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