NFL Week 9 Picks


Nov 2012

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NFL Week 9 Schedule

The 9th week of the NFL regular season is scheduled as following:


November 1st Match-ups
Time Home Team   Away Team
8:20 PM San Diego Chargers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs
November 4th Match-ups
Time Home Team   Away Team
1:00 PM Green Bay Packers Vs. Arizona Cardinals
1:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Detroit Lions
1:00 PM Tennessee Titans Vs. Chicago Bears
1:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Denver Broncos
1:00 PM Washington Redskins Vs. Carolina Panthers
1:00 PM Cleveland Browns Vs. Baltimore Ravens
1:00 PM Indianapolis Colts Vs. Miami Dolphins
1:00 PM Houston Texans Vs. Buffalo Bills
1:00 PM Seattle Seahawks Vs. Minnesota Vikings
4:05 PM Oakland Raiders Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4:25 PM New York Giants Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
8:20 PM Atlanta Falcons Vs. Dallas Cowboys
Novembers 5th Match-ups
Time Home Team   Away Team
8:30 PM New Orleans Saints Vs. Philadelphia Eagles


This week is full of hard hitters facing up against each other, including 2011 Super Bowl winners New York Giants against the great defensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans; Bears to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Chicago Bears -4           -105
Tennessee Titans +4           -115


The Bears have been crushing their opponents, with only one loss early on in the season, they have been able to regroup and started showing the other NFL teams they still have a Super Bowl worthy team.


Chicago Bears Tennessee Titans
Rank Offensive Rank
8 Average Score For 21
26 Total Yards 24
9 Rushing Yards 25
30 Passing Yards 16
Rank Defensive Rank
2 Average Score Against 31
7 Total Yards 30
1 Rushing Yards 28
18 Passing Yards 29


The Chicago Bears, currently with a 6 – 1 record, are playing on the road against the Tennessee Titans; which have not been having a great season. Apart from their loss against the Packers on the road, they have been able to win the rest of their road games and by big differences too. They do well against teams that have a weaker defense than they do, and especially when their own defense is in such great shape. The Titans may have the home field advantage, but the Bears have QB Jay Cutler leading the offense, along with RB Matt Forte, and WR Brandon Marshall, who have been crucial for the Bears offense. Meanwhile, the Bears defense has greats like OLB Lance Briggs with his speed and forethought and CB Tim Jennings and his great ability to read passes and intercept them.

The Bears defense will do a good job at stopping the Titans offense, including their passing, while their offense simply takes advantage of the weaker Titan defense to continue scoring throughout the game. This match will certainly end with a high score for the Bears, while the Titans will have to rely more on their field goals.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders; Buccaneers to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1           -105
Oakland Raiders -1           -115


Tampa Bay has had a weird season, being able to beat tough opponents like the Chiefs and the Vikings, but have not had the same luck against their other weaker opponents. If anything, the Buccaneers have a good chance a beating the Raiders this week.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders
Rank Offensive Rank
9 Average Score For 22
15 Total Yards 18
15 Rushing Yards 30
14 Passing Yards 10
Rank Defensive Rank
15 Average Score Against 25
27 Total Yards 17
6 Rushing Yards 11
31 Passing Yards 20


Both of these teams have weaknesses that benefit the opposing team’s strengths. The Buccaneers still have a better chance at winning this match due to its better overall offense. Both of the defenses are pretty well matched, so it will be up to the Buccaneers offense to win the game for them. Their QB, Josh Freeman, is doing a good job at getting those touchdown passes to WR’s Vincent Jackson (5 touchdowns) and Mike Williams (4 touchdowns). If their passing isn’t helping, they can also rely on RB Doug Martin who has been crucial for getting those needed yards and touchdowns. Connor Barth, their kicker, has also been doing great, so even if their offense is stopped, they can always get the field goals.

Tampa Bay has done a great job at maintaining possession of the ball, and even though they have lost their games this season, it has been by small margins. With the Buccaneers better offense they will be able to get quite a few more touchdowns than the Raiders. Expect to see a great back and forth from these two teams.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants; Giants to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Pittsburgh Steelers +3½        -115
New York Giants -3½        -105


It looks like the new uniforms for the Steelers paid off last week when they beat the Redskins, but it may not bring them enough luck this week when they play against the Giants. Either way, this is going to be a great matchup and should not be missed.


Pittsburgh Steelers New York Giants
Rank Offensive Rank
13 Average Score For 3
10 Total Yards 4
21 Rushing Yards 12
7 Passing Yards 6
Rank Defensive Rank
9 Average Score Against 8
2 Total Yards 24
9 Rushing Yards 19
1 Passing Yards 26


The Giants have been showing just how great their offense is, and with already two losses on their record, they do not want another. Even though the Steelers offense has been improving, they have not been able to overcome other strong offensive teams. The Giants may not have the best defense in the league when it comes to the numbers, but they have certainly outdone themselves on the field. Already getting 21 sacks, 8 forced fumbles, and 16 interceptions is sure to bring the Steelers offense, which has the habit of letting their QB Ben Roethlisberger get sacked, into a tight spot. The Giants, along with QB Eli Manning and his great lineup of runners and receivers, including RB’s Ahmad Bradshaw (4 touchdowns) and Andre Brown (5 touchdowns) and WR Victor Cruz (7 touchdowns), may be able to surpass the strong Steeler defense.

This will be a close game, with the Steeler defense making it hard for the Giants offense to score, but at the same time the Giants defense stopping the Steelers offense. It will be a high scoring game on both sides, but the Giants will take the win in the end.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons; Falcons to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Dallas Cowboys +4½        -115
Atlanta Falcons -4½        -105


The Atlanta Falcons are on a 7 game winning streak this season, with 0 losses on their record. Their next opponents are the Dallas Cowboys and it will mean they get to continue with their winning streak if they continue to play the way they have this season.


Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons
Rank Offensive Rank
23 Average Score For 5
7 Total Yards 13
28 Rushing Yards 24
3 Passing Yards 8
Rank Defensive Rank
18 Average Score Against 7
4 Total Yards 20
13 Rushing Yards 26
3 Passing Yards 10


Going into this match, both teams are very balanced when it comes to both offense and defense; when you look at the overall numbers it is true. When you take a further look into their performances, we can see that the Cowboys do not have a very strong leader on the field, with QB Tony Romo unable to keep his team together and throwing a high number of interceptions. The Cowboys just have not had good ball possession, losing it quite often. On the other hand, the Falcons have a strong leader, who has been very accurate with his passes and his decisions on the field. The Falcons offense does a good job at switching between their rushing and their passing, always making it hard for their opponents to be effective.

The Falcon defense has also been extraordinary, being able to keep their opponents from scoring a lot, and creating opportunities to regain possession. The Falcons are going to dominate this match, getting plenty of touchdowns and being able to stop the Cowboys from scoring.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints; Eagles to Win


The Odds

Team Spread
Philadelphia Eagles +3½        -115
New Orleans Saints -3½        -105


The Saints, despite their incredible performances throughout the season, have been unable to tie that in with game victories. Playing at home may give them an advantage, but the Eagle defense is set to stop Drew Brees and the Saints offense.


Philadelphia Eagles New Orleans Saints
Rank Offensive Rank
28 Average Score For 6
14 Total Yards 5
10 Rushing Yards 32
15 Passing Yards 1
Rank Defensive Rank
16 Average Score Against 30
12 Total Yards 32
17 Rushing Yards 31
14 Passing Yards 30


As mentioned above, the Saints have certainly shown how good they could be, but have been unable to neat the teams that were supposed to be victories. The Eagles have slowly progressed through the season, getting important victories thanks to their efficient defense; which allowed their offense to play a little more relaxed. With the Saints defense being in such weak state, the Eagles offense will be able to score more often than they have in any other game. On the flip side, the Eagle defense may have a good chance at stopping the Saints offense, at least enough to get a victory.

Saints QB Drew Brees relies a lot more on the passing game, which could be a reason they have been unable to win. Eagles QB Michael Vick has learned to switch the offense up, in order to always confuse the defense. This will be their chance to get an even record.

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