2013 NFL Regular Season, Week 10 Overview


Nov 2013

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The matches played last week were quite impressive, with more than just a few upsets. The Dolphins managed to take the win from the Bengals, giving them a good chance to continue on and possibly getting into the playoffs. The Bears had a good game against the Packers. The Kansas City Chiefs continue impressing everyone as they get their 9th consecutive win, and finally get to rest this week. Many more surprises are just around the corner, as this week’s lineup of matches promises some great matches.

Don’t miss out on the NFL regular week 10 matches, and keep an eye out for your favorites!


November 5th Match-ups
Time Home Team Away Team Our Pick
8:25 PM Minnesota Vikings Vs. Washington Redskins Redskins
November 10th Match-ups
Time Home Team Away Team
1:00 PM Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles Packers
1:00 PM Tennessee Titans Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Titans
1:00 PM Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Buffalo Bills Bills
1:00 PM New York Giants Vs. Oakland Raiders Raiders
1:00 PM Indianapolis Colts Vs. St. Louis Rams Colts
1:00 PM Atlanta Falcons Vs. Seattle Seahawks Seahawks
1:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Vs. Cincinnati Bengals Bengals
1:00 PM Chicago Bears Vs. Detroit Lions Lions
4:05 PM San Francisco 49ers Vs. Carolina Panthers 49ers
4:25 PM Arizona Cardinals Vs. Houston Texans Texans
4:25 PM San Diego Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos Broncos
8:30 PM New Orleans Saints Vs. Dallas Cowboys Saints
November 11th Match-ups
Time Home Team Away Team
8:40 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. Miami Dolphins Buccaneers


This week may be the week that Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans can finally watch their team win. Whereas some of the usual strong teams may continue to win, making it hard for others to catch up and join them in the playoffs. However, one never knows how a game will actually turn out, so always expect some great matchups.

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