NFL Regular Season Week 12 Overview


Nov 2013

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Week 11 had many surprises, as well as several upsets, but what it had most of was close and highly competitive matches. Still can’t believe the Patriots and the Chargers lost, but I am happy other teams are stepping up their game. The Broncos vs. Chiefs game, as well as the 49ers vs. Saints were very good games, showing us what the top teams are capable of. This week is no exception, there are some good games lined up, with some teams trying to continue their winning streaks.


November 21st Match-ups  
Time Home Team   Away Team Our Pick
8:25 PM Atlanta Falcons Vs. New Orleans Saints Saints
November 24th Match-ups  
Time Home Team   Away Team  
1:00 PM Detroit Lions Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buccaneers
1:00 PM Green Bay Packers Vs. Minnesota Vikings Packers
1:00 PM Houston Texans Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Texans
1:00 PM Kansas City Chiefs Vs. San Diego Chargers Chiefs
1:00 PM Miami Dolphins Vs. Carolina Panthers Panthers
1:00 PM Cleveland Browns Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
1:00 PM St. Louis Rams Vs. Chicago Bears Bears
1:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Vs. New York Jets Ravens
4:05 PM Oakland Raiders Vs. Tennessee Titans Raiders
4:05 PM Arizona Cardinals Vs. Indianapolis Colts Colts
4:25 PM New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys Giants
8:30 PM New England Patriots Vs. Denver Broncos Broncos
November 25th Match-ups  
Time Home Team   Away Team  
8:40 PM Washington Redskins Vs. San Francisco 49ers 49ers


With this week’s line up of matches, you will need to keep a good eye out on those teams with winning streaks, like the Broncos, Saints, and even the Buccaneers who have been trying hard to beat teams even with their 2-8 record.