NFL Regular Season, Week 12 Picks


Nov 2013

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There were a couple of surprises last week, especially with the Patriots losing to the Panthers. This week is no exception; there will be several great games to watch. A couple of teams will be trying to continue their winning streaks, while other look for revenge on their previous week’s loss. The NFL regular season is down to its final weeks of gameplay, and teams are now feeling the pressure to win.


New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

The Saints proved to be a deadly opponent against the 49ers, and they will aim to continue doing so this week against the Falcons. Even after getting hard, Drew Brees will still be at the head of the team. The Falcons certainly are at a disadvantage here, as their team has had several key injuries, as well as having their defense lack in stopping opposing plays. On the other hand, the Saints defense is prime to continue winning, even on the road, and they have proven to be very good; both the defense and the offensive players defending. The other aspect that gives the Saints the advantage is the fact that they are able to protect their QB, although not as well against heavy defensive teams, which the Falcons are not.

We pick: New Orleans Saints (-9) to win


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions

The Buccaneers, despite being 0-8 two weeks ago, have been performing excellent since, winning two games against all odds; beating the Dolphins and the Falcons. Their team has proven that they are good opponents, as they haven’t lost that many matches with point differences over 10. The Lions do have the upper hand when it comes to defense, as they have been winning games thanks to their powerful defensive line. This will prove a hard battle for the Buccaneers, but I still believe that their increase in performance will only continue as long as they keep mixing up their plays between running and passing. We will be betting on this underdog that has been outperforming 2 weeks straight.

We pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+10) to win


San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

To the surprise of most, mainly the Chiefs fans, they got their first loss of the season last week against the Broncos. It was a hard fought match, but the powerful offense managed to take the win. This week, the Chiefs are up against the Chargers, who have a pretty good offense themselves. The Chargers certainly have the Chiefs outmatched on offense, however, the Chiefs defense in not to be trifled with. This is especially the case, if the Chargers decide to rely most of the game on their passing game. The Chiefs will stop their passing game, while using their own running plays to get around the Chargers defense. It will still be an interesting matchup, as there is nothing certain when it comes to the NFL.

We pick: Kansas City Chiefs (-5) to win


Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins

This is a special game between two teams that managed to beat very tough opponents last week. The Dolphins beat the Chargers, and the Panthers beat the Patriots; both teams being higher ranked. This is where those skills will be put to the test. The Panthers have an amazing defense, being able to gain possession of the ball and stop any opposing plays; as shown against the Patriots. The Dolphins played a good game, using their defense against the Charger offense, but that may be where they falter this week. They have a good passing defense, but are not very prepared to stop the rush plays.

We pick: Carolina Panthers (-3½) to win


Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams

The Bears will have a hard time this week against the Rams, as both team’s defense have been doing well. The offense is where the game will be decided. Either team has the ability to gain possession of the ball, making the team that is able to take advantage of those possessions, the winner. The Bears offense has certainly been improving, especially their passing. With Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery being incredible receivers, and the fact that the Bears also have the chance to run the ball with Matt Forte, makes them deadly on both ends of the offense. Unless the Rams defense steps it up a notch for this game, the Bears will more likely take the victory.

We pick: Chicago Bears (-1) to win