NFL Regular Season, Week 14 Picks


Dec 2013

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We are going to have another full week of matches, with most of the games being played on Sunday, December 8th, so be sure to tune in or stream the games. The lineup of matches will have a few high powered matches, as well as the matches where teams will be desperately looking for the win, and try to get one foot into the playoffs. Let’s check out a few of these matches, and make a prediction on which team is the most likely to win, regardless of what their sportsbook odds are.


Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals

The Colts and the Bengals both have a current record of 8-4, and this match will certainly be an exciting one. They are both first in their division, so a win here won’t matter that much in terms of possibilities of getting taken out of the playoffs, but they certainly don’t want to relax too much, because there is still enough time to get knocked out. The Colts have been surprising everyone with their victories, but during this match they may need to give a lot more effort. The Bengals have an amazing defense, being able to shut down the run and pass of several big teams, making them a big threat for the Colts. On top of that, they also have a powerful offense, which will overrun the Colts defense. Keep an eye on A.J. Green as he will play a crucial role, and we may see him continue to raise those receiving stats.

We pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-6) to win


Oakland Raiders at New York Jets

The Raiders had a good game against the Cowboys last week, showing what their defense and offense could do. The Jets, coming off an almost shutout by the Dolphins, may not be in good enough shape to take on the Raiders. Both teams having almost equal skills, it will certainly depend on whether one team can get the upper hand early on in the match. The Jets certainly have a deadly rush defense, which will cause problems for the Raider rush offense. However, the Raiders will be first to score, and they will do that by getting their receivers more involved, as well as taking advantage of the weak offensive line of the Jets.

We pick: Oakland Raiders (+3) to win


Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens

The Vikings surprised everyone with their victory over the Bears, and who knows what they will do this week against the Ravens. The Ravens defense has been improving, allowing them to keep matches close, and even winning. The defense will play a crucial role this game, as they will stop the Viking rush. They will need to lockdown on Adrian Peterson, or he will certainly run the ball freely. The Ravens offense does lack luster, as they do not have an all-star lineup, but they will be depending greatly on Torrey Smith. With the Vikings less skilled defense, the Ravens have a good chance of getting a good lead on the Vikings, and holding them back with their defense.

We pick: Baltimore Ravens (-7) to win


Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

This will certainly be a good match, with two offensive teams playing each other. If ether team’s defense steps up and causes one or two big turnovers, they will be able to ensure their teams victory. However, based on past performances, they shouldn’t really play a crucial role in the overall scheme. In the end, the match will be fought out by the offense, and my prediction is that the final score will be quite high. The Packers will have the upper hand this match, as they will not only be able to employ a great receiving line up, but also some good running backs like Eddie Lacy. Without taking the defense into account, the Packers offense certainly does overpower the Falcon offense. It will be easier for the Packer defense to cover the Falcons passes, while they can change their plays between passing and running in a more effective manner.

We pick: Green Bay Packers (Even) to win


Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Dolphins are coming off a win against the Jets, and the Steelers a loss against the Ravens. When considering the fact that, statistically, the Steelers were a better team than the Ravens and still lost, gives the Dolphins a good chance to win this game. They need to learn what the Ravens defense and offense did to get around the Steelers. However, the Dolphins have a better defense than what most would think, getting lots of sacks and interceptions. The Steelers have a very powerful offensive line up with the Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown combo. The Dolphins defense should be able to focus on their passing, and have their offense use their good lineup of receivers. This will certainly be a tough match, but the Dolphins may have what it takes to take the win.

We pick: Miami Dolphins (+3) to win