2015 NFL Free Agents Are Big Money


Mar 2015

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High paid NFL free agents

Being a top NFL player, as well as being a Free Agent can certainly improve upon previous contracts, especially when it comes to the salary. However, being a free agent has its risks, since not all players are as coveted as others. The following two players are quite desired.

DT Ndamukong Suh

Suh was picked up by the Miami Dolphins, and he has been signed for 6 years, for a total of $114 million; with $60 million guaranteed. This makes his yearly salary $19 million, which actually far exceeds any other Defensive Tackle, with Gerald McCoy averaging $13.6 million per year.

It has never been seen that a DT has gotten such a high appraisal of his talents, but he has certainly earned it. This may change the way teams view valuable players, as not always being the quarterbacks or wide receivers.

C Byron Maxwell

Maxwell was signed for 5 years by the Philadelphia eagles for a total of $53 million, with $23 million guaranteed. He would be receiving roughly $10 million per year, which compared to Suh, it isn’t that flashy. However, it is still a lot more than what other free agents are getting in their deals.

It is amazing what NFL teams will pay for talent, and the Dolphins and Eagles have gotten exactly what they needed most, so it is actually a win-win for everyone. Hopefully their fans will get a taste of victory this year.