Los Angeles Becoming Home To Football Again


Feb 2015

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New Los Angeles Football Stadium

It would seem that the NFL may be returning to the city of Los Angeles. The Inglewood City Council approved plans to build a football stadium, which has a lot of advantages for the city. This $2 billion dollar plan was able to get a 5-0 vote, where many of those who attended wore Rams jerseys.

The construction should begin quickly, as many are anxious to having a new stadium, where hopefully they will be able to get a football team back and playing for the city. The city itself feels amazing about this deal, as they will receive a new stadium and taxes, while the developers will brunt 100% of the risk; which includes the St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

This plan will bring in an 80,000 seat, 60-acre stadium, and will put it alongside an already existing 2009 plan to redevelop a racetrack. The main reason Kroenke is so invested in this is due to the rumors that the Ram may be thinking about moving out of St. Louis. Obviously St. Louis is not taking this lying down, as they also have a plan to build a 64,000 seat stadium in hopes to keep the team there.

Either way, there are many great plans in the works, which should bring a lot of great business not only to Los Angeles, but the entire State of California, with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders possibly moving there as well.