NFL Teams Graded On Rookie Football Performance


Aug 2015

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Football Rookies Graded

As Week 3 of the football preseason is upon us, it is good to know where each of the NFL team’s stand, but most importantly how well their new recruits are performing. The rookie class is looked upon with a certain perspective, as they were drafted and added to their team in the hopes of filling a present of future hole or weakness. Some of these players are used their first year due to their great talent and skill, while others potential is trained so that it can be used at a later date.

So far this season we have seen a few rookies stand out, while others are still waiting on the bench to get their time to shine. Taking all of this into account, we have come up with a grade for each of the NFL teams based on the talent and potential that their rookie class has shown. This way, going into Preseason Week 3 games you will know what to expect from these players if they are given playing time.

Team Overall Grade
Arizona Cardinals B
Atlanta Falcons C
Baltimore Ravens C
Buffalo Bills B
Carolina Panthers B+
Chicago Bears C+
Cincinnati Bengals A-
Cleveland Browns B+
Dallas Cowboys A
Denver Broncos A
Detroit Lions B
Green Bay Packers A-
Houston Texans C-
Indianapolis Colts A-
Jacksonville Jaguars D-
Kansas City Chiefs B
Miami Dolphins D-
Minnesota Vikings B-
New England Patriots C+
New Orleans Saints C-
New York Giants C-
New York Jets C+
Oakland Raiders A
Philadelphia Eagles B-
Pittsburgh Steelers C-
San Diego Chargers C
San Francisco 49ers A
Seattle Seahawks B
St. Louis Rams B
Tampa Bay Buccaneers D+
Tennessee Titans A
Washington Redskins C+

This does not look good for a few teams, especially the Jaguars and Dolphins, as their rookie class is deemed the worst in the NFL. The Jaguars may be let go due to the amount of injuries they are suffering, so once all of their players are healthy, we may see a different team all-together. Surprisingly there are eight teams that were graded with an A- or A, which is great considering some of them never even made it to the playoffs last season. Hopefully these rookies will give them a much better, well-rounded football performance and live up to any hype that surrounds them. If you want to see the rookies for each team, as well as a great explanation of the grades given, check it out here.