Preseason Football Injuries Give NFL Bad PR


Aug 2015

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Football preseason injuries

With the second week of the NFL preseason over with, a lot of football fans were left in awe of how things are going on the field. We all know that the preseason does not count, and is considered to be a waste of time, talent, and the biggest concern of all, potential injuries.

Just this weekend, in the Packers vs. Steelers game there were two top players that got injured, Packers WR Jordy Nelson and Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey. Both of these players are necessary to their teams, as they are key playmakers on the offense. This will have a huge impact on not only their team’s future, but their own as well.

Nelson is out with what looks like a torn ACL, while Pouncey has a broken ankle and will most likely require surgery. These injuries are enough to keep them benched for a few games, with Pouncey probably sitting for the rest of the season. This all happened during the preseason, when the games don’t matter and the points are made up.

Many fans are quite angry that this would occur during the point in the tournament when nothing matters. Even other players, like QB Aaron Rodgers had things to say how bad it is to lose good players, and it hurts even worse that it happened during the preseason.

It has been said for years, the NFL should lower the amount of preseason games that it plays, as the risk for injury is always going to be present, but at least this way players will have a chance to play in regular season football games much quicker. Let’s hope with two more weeks in the preseason no one else gets injured.