Tom Brady Fights His Suspension After NFL Penalties Imposed


May 2015

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Tom Brady Football suspension

We have all heard the news surrounding the New England Patriots and Tom Brady’s suspension from 4 football games once the season starts. The Patriots were given a slap on the wrist, while Brady was suspended from 4 games for lying that he had any knowledge in the fact that the balls were deflated. You should all be familiar with the story, as it is being covered nationally; or you have a dislike for the way the Patriots conduct themselves.

With the punishments being handed out, Brady is not taking it laying down. He has hired Jeffrey Kessler, as some would know him as the nemesis of the NFL. Kessler has been involved in many cases involving players in the NFL and NBA, and is quite successful at arguing for his clients rights. He has a long list of achievements against the NFL, which makes him a force to be reckoned with.

To list a few of his successful arbitrations that made it to national news include:

  • Brady v. NFL: represented NFL players during the 2011 Lockout.
  • Belichick v. NFL: represented Belichick in litigation when he changed teams.
  • NFLPA v. NFL: successfully challenged provisions in NFL TV Contracts that were used to fund the NFL 2011 Lockout.

He is already very familiar with the Patriots, and even with Tom Brady, and with the amount of publicity this story is getting, it may turn out to hard the NFL more than the Patriots/Brady. Hopefully the NFL stick to their decision, as violation of direct and strict rules should be punishable, especially when it leads to tampering and cheating to win.