Betting Predictions for Super Bowl 50


Feb 2016

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Betting Predictions for Super Bowl 50

For those looking for a betting edge this year, there are plenty of sources that will give you their predictions on the outcome of Super Bowl 50, as the Carolina Panthers have been favored by most to beat the Denver Broncos and become the next champions. You can get the picks from experts, famous people, other players, sportsbooks, or even from a porcupine. What matters is that you make sure to place your wager on the team you think will win, as there is always room for surprises.

There has been a huge surge in favoritism towards the Panthers, as their point spread has already gone from -3 up to -6 in just a week; in part it was thanks to their amazing victory over the Cardinals. However, there are a few people that still place their bet on the Broncos as the underdog, but whether they can beat the spread or simply straight-up beat is still to be seen. Here are a few sources and their predictions:

Super Bowl SBNation BleacherReport Madden 2016 Nate Silver ELO Microsoft Bing


As you can notice, most people are favoring the Panthers, and there are plenty of reason why this is a sound prediction. They have one of the best teams in the league, having the biggest average points scored per game; with a margin of victory of 13 points per game. Their offense is set, with Cam Newton at the helm, but what is equally dangerous is their defense, which is fourth in rush yards allowed (88.4). With Manning near retirement and not performing as well as he used to, it will depend on how well the Bronco defense can handle Newton.

One of these measures uses Madden 2016, a video game. What many don’t know is that it has accurately picked the Super Bowl winner 9 out of 12 years, and last year not only predicted the winner, but also the exact score. This year, it simulated that the Panthers took a 17-0 lead, but the Broncos made a comeback to lead 20-17 in the last quarter, but was finally beaten by Newton and a final touchdown run; ending the game 24-20 in favor of the Panthers. The betting odds say the exact same thing as what everyone else is:

Match Bovada BetOnline TopBet
Spread Moneyline Spread Moneyline Spread Moneyline
Panthers -6 -220 -5.5 -245 -6 -255
Broncos +6 +180 +5.5 +205 +6 +215