Betting the Division Playoff Games


Jan 2016

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Playoff betting Chiefs at Patriots

Wild Card week gave us four winner, the Steelers, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Packers, and betting on the upcoming Divisional games will be even more competitive. Four match-ups that will determine which teams will make it to the Conference championships, and their best chance to get to the Super Bowl. It will be a tough week for most of these teams, especially seeing as how some have had a week to rest.

Chiefs at Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs decimated the Texans 30-0, making it one of the biggest blowouts in playoff history. They earned their spot, but it won’t get easier as they will be facing the New England Patriots. It will be a game of opposites, as each team has different strengths.

Chiefs Stats Patriots
27th Offense 6th
7th Defense 9th
30th Passing 5th
6th Rushing 30th


With Tom Brady as QB, the Patriots will have a big advantage on passing, but if the Chiefs defense is able to shut them down, it will be tough to score. The same goes for the Chiefs running, as the Patriots defense has been crucial in each of their victories.

Packers at Cardinals

The Green Bay Packers will have a very hard time this Saturday, as they face the top hopeful to win the Super Bowl, the Arizona Cardinals. This will be a brutal game if the Packers are unable to stop the Cardinal offense, seeing as how Carson Palmer has been on fire during the regular season, and they can always turn to Chris Johnson if they need a run.

Packers Stats Cardinals
23rd Offense 1st
15th Defense 5th
26th Passing 2nd
12th Rushing 8th


The Cardinals are simply an overpowered machine, leading the league in more than one category, so for all you Packers fans, hope for a miracle!

Seahawks at Panthers

This will be a great match-up, as the Seattle Seahawks go head to head against the Carolina Panthers. Both teams heavily rely on their rush game to win games, and both have amazing defense. This will have both quarterbacks against the wall, and we may see more passing than we have during the regular season.

Seahawks Stats Panthers
4th Offense 11th
2nd Defense 6th
20th Passing 24th
3rd Rushing 2nd


This will be one of the most balanced matches we will see during these playoffs, as either team has good odds of winning.

Steelers at Broncos

One match that several sportsbooks don’t want to touch is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos. This is due mainly to the fact that the Steelers have not had a very good season, full of injuries, and the Broncos have Peyton Manning. It isn’t a fact, but Manning has a tendency to tilt and choke when it comes to the playoffs; even during the Super Bowl! This doesn’t mean it will happen this match, but this game is up in the air.

Steelers Stats Broncos
3rd Offense 16th
21st Defense 1st
3rd Passing 14th
16th Rushing 17th


It will really come down to whether the Steelers offense can handle the Broncos defense, which has played a huge role in each of their victories so far. Let’s hope for a healthy team or betting on this game may not be wise.