Conference Championships, Final Betting Before Super Bowl


Jan 2016

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Conference championship betting

The Divisional playoffs went as expected, with the betting favorites taking the victory, although the games were all amazing, with a few errors from the refs; especially those tossing the coin. However, only two of the four teams were able to beat the spread, the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers, and as we look towards the Conference championships, the odds will be even closer.

Patriots @ Broncos

The Patriots are the road favorites, as they are given 3-point spread against the Denver Broncos. It will be an amazing game, as most fans will remember the Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning rivalry, and it may be one of the last chances for fans to see this match-up; although Manning may play again in the 2016 season. The Patriots are coming off of a 27-20 win over the Cardinals, letting everyone know that injured players are still dangerous on the field.

The Broncos beat the Steelers 23-16 on Sunday, but it did not come without a struggle. The first three quarters both teams defense was working their magic, but in the fourth quarter the Broncos pulled ahead and got the win. This weekend’s game between these two powerful quarterbacks may be a great preview to how the winner will play in the Super Bowl.

Cardinals @ Panthers

The Arizona Cardinals did not look to good when they played against the Packers, although they did pull a 26-20 win over them. The game went back and forth with which team controlled the ball, and it finally looked like a football match by the fourth quarter, when the score was tied. In OT, the Cardinals dominated and got their 6-points. The Panthers are the home favorites with a 3-point spread.

Everyone expected the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks game to be close due to their similar stats, performances, and even gameplay, but the match was a weird one. The first two quarters the Panthers totally dominated, shutting down the Seattle offense, but the last two quarters the Seahawks managed to score and shut down the Panther offense. Despite this, the Panthers still won with a 7-point difference. It will be risky if the same thing happens against the Cardinals, as their offense is much better equipped to take out the Panther defense.

It will be hard to know which team one should be betting on, especially considering all four teams were the top contenders to reach the Super Bowl this season. Make your best prediction, and hope it pays off, even if you go with the underdogs.