NFL Highlights Week 8


Nov 2016

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Week 8 of the NFL Season is complete and gave us many thrilling moments as well as heartbreaks. We were able to witness great circus type catches and hard nosed running plays. It also showed multiple missed extra point attempts and missed field goals.

[wpvideo qj5RgJB8]

Week 7 was like watching a Benny Hill episode, with all of the turnovers. Week 8 finished a bit better, however, the kicking game is still suffering. Watching a game end up in a tie because of 2 missed kicks leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.

On the bright side we saw a stellar performance by Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. 513 yards and 4 TDs breaks a long time single game team record. Dak Prescott proved that he can win, as he overcame his worst game of the season.

The New England Patriots are the only team in the NFL without an interception after the first eight games of the season.

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