NFL Week 9 Highlights


Nov 2016

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Now that the second half of the NFL season is underway. We were hoping to see some more control, however…

Without bashing things too hard, it still looks like a mess. That being said, fumbles and interceptions are all over.  The kicking game is continuing to take a hit as missed attempts, blocked punts and I don’t know what that was in the Steelers vs Ravens game.

[wpvideo yCvr35SH]

We can say that the NFL is unpredictable and it is, that is what makes it enjoyable to watch.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford continues to impress. He is probably playing he best football right now.

The Oakland Raiders are standing alone at the top of the AFC after knocking down the defending champs Denver Broncos.

After the blowout of the Cleveland Browns, The Dallas Cowboys continue the set the pace in the NFC at 7 and 1.

Check back for week 10 highlights, it should be fun.

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