Super Bowl 50 Brings in High Volume Betting


Feb 2016

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Super Bowl 50 Brings in High Volume Betting

Super Bowl 50 was a huge success, not only for the Denver Broncos who managed to play an amazing game and win the title, but for those betting on it as well. The Carolina Panthers were the favorites to win the game, with a healthy 6-point spread in their favor, yet it did not play out as most had thought it would. The Broncos ended up beating the Panthers 24-10 in a huge upset that not many believed would happen, but those few that wagered it would are probably very happy.

Check out how each team performed:

Stat Panthers Broncos
Passing Yards 197 104
Rushing Yards 118 90
Touchdowns 1 2
Field Goals 1/2 3/3
Interceptions 1 1
Times Sacked 7 5
Time of Possession 32:47 27:13

You can see that the Broncos did not have possession of the ball as long, but were able to use it more effectively. It was a combination of having an amazing defense, and a great kicker in Brandon McManus, as he scored all three field goals giving them a big edge; not to mention that he has made 38/39, leaving him with a 96.5% efficiency. Defense was able to get 7 sacks on Cam Newton, which had never happened during a single game this season. On top of that, they got an interception, forced 2 fumbles, and forced the quarterback a number of times to make bad throws.

The defense was able to give Peyton Manning and the rest of the offense a chance to score, and they did just that. C.J. Anderson ran the ball in for a 2-yard touchdown, and the second touchdown came from the defense. Von Miller, MVP of the game, forced a fumble on Carolina’s 15-yard line, where Malik Jackson picked up the ball and ran it in. It was an amazing game to watch, and for those betting on it, most should be happy with the outcome.