Basic Tips for Football Betting

Football and Betting

Football has become the largest and most popular sport when it comes to sports betting, and as such, bettors of all types have come together to bet on their favorite, or risk is on the underdog. Most bettors will use various methods when they bet, trying to keep their bets consistent, which lowers and limits the amount of errors that could happen. There are many tips for people wanting to place bets on football; some have great insight, while others are simple to follow. As these are tips, they should not be taken as fact, and remember, as in life, sports betting is never a sure gamble.


Beginner Betting Tips

Just like with anything else, new football bettors will have a hard time learning the complicated ways of placing a wager, if they have not even gone through the most basic of tips. There are several guidelines that bettors can follow, and should follow as they are proven to work if done correctly. These guidelines include, Control, Learn the Betting Types, Avoid the Hype, and Play the Odds.



This is a very hard concept for new bettors to understand. Control refers to controlling the urges to bet bigger than what you normally would. This goes along with Money Management Basics* that every bettor should know and learn. Inexperienced bettors tend to fall into the various traps that betting can cause like over-confidence. If by chance a bettor wins on most of their bets, the smart choice would be to continue with the winning strategy, but what some bettors do is get cocky, and want to start placing bigger bets. Or the opposite can happen, the bettor loses some bets, and they want to make that money back, fast, so they start betting larger amounts. Both of these scenarios are bad, no one wins or loses all the time, and a bettor should learn to control these impulses.


Learn the Betting Types

Before even joining an online sportsbook, a bettor needs to read up on the different types of bets there are. They could look through the Regular Types of Bets*, as well as the Special Types of Bets*. Getting to know the basics and getting good at them is what every successful sport’s bettor has done. The basic types of betting include the Moneyline, Totals (Over/Under), and Point Spread, while the special bets include the Prop Bets, Parlays, and Teasers. If any of these names confuse you, then you need to get to know them, and how a bettor can use them to their advantage and win bigger payouts.

Learning the Odds

On top of learning the different types of bets, the bettor should also get familiar with how the odds work, as this is how they will be winning money. Learning to calculate what the payouts will be goes along with this concept, as it will help determine if a bet is worth betting on or not.


Avoid the Hype

Beginning bettors need to realize the difference between perceived and real odds. The people that create and display the odds on the sportsbooks are the oddsmakers, and they are very good at their job of figuring out how to maximize their profit. They tend to look at what the public opinion is about any upcoming football game, and base their odds on that; as most people, due to the hype, will be taking the easy bet. What the bettor needs to do is partially ignore this hype, not completely because there is a little truth in what the public says. Ignore it and do your own research, get to know the teams that will be playing against each other so that you can make a smarter decision when it comes time to place a bet.


Play the Odds

Bettors need to be smart about their bets, and take a good look at the odds. When a bettor checks the odds out at an online sportsbook, they will need to take two things into account, Time and Odds. The time factor is important when betting, as there are long term and short term odds.

Time Bets

For instance, futures are bets that will take a long time before any kind of payout is handed out. They base information off of past performance along with present stats to determine which team might win down the road. For example, during the preseason and regular season of the NFL, bettors can already bet on which team they think will win the Super Bowl. These types of bets take a long time to end, and the longer the bet is, the more chances there are of events completely changing against the bettor. This is for more advanced bettors. Short term bets are the types of bets that end immediately after the game is over; paying any bettor that has won. Beginners should start with these kinds of bets.

Knowing the Odds

As for the Odds, bettors need to realize that the oddsmakers are in it for the profit, not as a charity. If they give teams really bad odds, like 100/1, that means they have a strong indication that the team in question will have very low odds of winning. The same goes for the high odds, 3/2 and such. They may not pay out as much, but they are safer bets. Bettors need to start somewhere, why not where the risk is lowest. They will still be making money, just not is such a big fashion.



It is always important to remember these guidelines in order to limit loss, and start to become more successful when it comes to betting on football. As time goes on, bettors can start learning more advanced guidelines and tips, as well as use their gained experience to their monetary advantage. Also remember that these are football bets, so as a sports fan and a bettor, they should be enjoying the experience of betting while watching this great sport.