Betting on the NFL

Betting for NFL

Sports betting has been around for decades ever since the NFL became such a popular sport in the 1970’s. There are many different methods, as well as venues that sports fans use when they want to place a wager on their favorite NFL team; whether it is to win a match, their conference, or even the super Bowl. Picking the right venue to bet on is just as important as knowing what type of bet to place on a NFL matchup. There are countless online sportsbooks, so picking right one depends on several factors, preference and location. Learning the basic types of bets will also help figure out which method is best for each bettor. Before any of that though, a bettor needs to know why they should bet on the NFL, along with the benefits. This should help a sports enthusiast on their way to becoming a great sports bettor.


Why Bet on the NFL

There are so many reasons as to why sports fans find betting on the NFL such a great thing. There are over 40 million Americans that enjoy watching the NFL, especially during the Super Bowl. There are countless of these sports fans that enjoy wagering on the NFL, since the League is the most bet on sporting event in the U.S. There has to be a good reason why all of these people bet on the NFL. There are a few reasons, risk vs. reward, entertainment, and competition.

Risk vs. Reward

Many enthusiasts bet on the NFL since it is such a large and profitable enterprise, it is also a highly competitive sport. The more competitive a sport is the higher amount of potential reward a person can get. Depending on what personality type the bettor is, they can base their potential winnings on how much they are willing to risk. This is a great way to make money.


Sports betting is very entertaining to most bettors. The whole nature of betting on the outcome of a match makes the match even more fun to watch. There are also ways to make the actual betting more entertaining. Most online sportsbook have Prop bets, which is the equivalent to betting with friends about weird aspects of a football match.


Bettors, in particular sports bettors, are always fond of the competition. The NFL is highly competitive in nature. Being able to partake in that, and competing against the odds is what some bettors enjoy.


NFL Betting Venues

Depending on where the bettor lives, will there be more or less options to choose from when wanting to bet on the NFL. There are the old and obvious, brick and mortar establishments that take sports bets. Ever since the online boom in the 1990’s, there has been a rising amount of online sportsbooks. However, for the sportsbooks, there are two factors that a bettor should take into consideration, their location and personal preferences.

Brick and Mortar

The obvious locations, within the U.S., for sports fans to go and place bets on the NFL season matchups, are in casinos. With the diversity of gambling laws that each State has, it is difficult to know where a person can go and bet on a sporting event. The best places are the states that allow bookmaking, which is a small amount. The two best places are in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These two locations are the East and West coast hubs for gambling, including being able to bet on sports.

Even with these great places, they still limit the amount of possible sports bets. As the bettors have to go to these casinos in order to place a bet, it doesn’t seem feasible, or in the very least easy.

Online Sportsbooks

There is a huge amount of online sportsbook available, but a bettor needs to take into account where they live as there are different laws and regulations. The U.S. has different laws regarding online gambling, especially online sports betting; while the rest of the world has a different view on gambling. This is why there is a distinct separation in the sportsbooks; those that are U.S. friendly and those that are not. U.S. bettors need to find a U.S. friendly sportsbook, since they are the only ones that follow the different guidelines on gambling that the U.S. has.

U.S. Friendly Sportsbooks

International Sportsbooks

These are great examples of what sportsbooks there are online, and which can be accessed and used by U.S. bettors.

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Basic NFL Betting Types

There are various different types of bets that a sports fan can use when wanting to wager on a NFL match. Some are simple, while others have special features. The most popular forms of betting are the Money Line, Spread, and Totals (Over/Under); the special bet that is most popular is the Prop bets.

Money Line Bet

This is the simplest form of betting. Bettors will simply pick the NFL team that they believe will win the match, and place a wager on them; it is that simple.

Spread Bet

This is where the sportsbook gives the bettor a number (-2) on a team. This means that the team with the (-2) must win by more than two points for the bettor to win. In other words, the number that appears in front of the teams represents how many points the Favorite has to win by; in the case of betting on the Underdog, the bettor will win if the team 1) wins the match or 2) loses by no more than the number given.

Total (Over/Under) Bet

The sportsbook will give the bettors a number, which will represent the total amount of points that will be scored during the NFL match. The bettor has to determine if the total amount of points they think will be scored is Over or Under that given amount; thus the Over/Under.

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Prop Bets

Prop bets are a special type of bet, or rather bets. They are a fun way to place a bet during a NFL match. Bettors could find bets like Which team will score first or Which player will get the most Sacks or Passes. These types of bets are not the regular types, which is what adds a slight amount of entertainment value to sports betting.

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