Betting on the NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs

Apart from the Super Bowl, the playoffs come in a close second in NFL for ratings and excitement. The reason the playoffs are such a big hit, not only locally, but nationally is due to the fact that there are 16 teams that want to win, and they want it just as bad as the next team. These few teams were selected from among 32 in total, cutting the competition in half. The ones that make it to the playoffs are usually the better teams in terms of gameplay and stats. It is amazing to see how these teams, players, and fans react during this single elimination tournament. There is lots of emotion and adrenaline going on during these matches, all to see who gets the privilege of going to the Super Bowl.

For those sports fans that want to bet on the NFL playoffs, they should keep a few things in mind as well as follow several tips in order to maximize their profits when they place a wager on any of the 16 participating teams.


Regular Season

Unlike the preseason, the regular season has more weight when it comes to checking out the skills and possibilities each team has. As the regular season rolls on, a bettor should watch carefully as the teams play, how they play, and how well they perform against other teams, especially at home or on the road. This is a stats building time, where individual players and team effort should be calculated and analysed in order to get a better idea of how well they could do in the long run, and during the playoffs. Obviously the bettor won’t have to gather this data themselves as there are tons of tools available here at A prepared bettor is a winning bettor.

The regular season does give some insight into how well a team will perform, but it shouldn’t completely take over the decisions when it comes to betting during the playoffs. It is a different kind of playing, as it is single elimination, teams, and players alike, leave everything on the field. A bad play or call could cost them a chance to advance, but during the regular season they have plenty of opportunities to win. The pressure put on these teams during the playoffs is completely different, and bettors should adjust to that idea.


Playoff Betting Tips

There are some great tips to help guide a bettor in the right direction, and they should not take these as guarantees. They have proven to have a higher success rate and that is why many like to follow them, but the most important tip anyone can give a sports bettor is to trust their own research and instinct.

Focus on the Present

The NFL playoffs are a time of big pressure, as it is a single elimination type tournament and if anything goes wrong, the team is gone. This is why bettors should focus their energy on what is happening at the time, instead of trying to figure out how the team will do in future matches. Using the stats from the regular season, and taking into account how well it does under pressure, the bettor can compare past performances against the team they are about to face. This is just one of the tips that could help a bettor pick the right teams to wager on during the playoffs.

Past Performance

Mentioned a few times about looking at and analysing the past data for the teams, but the bettor shouldn’t focus so much on the performance during the regular season, but how well they have performed during the playoffs in past years. In this same category, bettors should be aware of individual performances, and not just overall performance. Injuries and substitutions have a big impact as the team may not be used to playing with certain players.

Playoff Matchups

When teams make it to the playoffs they only have one thing on their mind, win or get eliminated. This is why it is vital for bettors to look at how individual players play against the opponents players, as well as how fit and efficient each unit does. Is the team better at offense or defence? Are they a passing or a running team? How well do they do against their exact opposites, Defensive team vs. Offensive team? How well do they perform under such high expectations and pressure? As the playoffs are going on, bettors should start to ask and answer these questions regarding each team. The playoffs isn’t about team spirit, it is about which team has the better athletes to get the win.

No Gut Instinct

There are stories about how a person placed a lucky wager or somehow made the right bet at the right time, but those are few and far between. This isn’t poker where half of the game depends on luck. Football is a game of pure skill and athletic prowess, and only the best make it. Take advice from the experts as that is what they are paid to do, analyse teams. A well informed and researched bet has higher odds of succeeding than one that relies purely on gut. I would recommend betting on instinct if you do not mind losing money.


All about the Money

When betting during the NFL playoffs, bettors need to keep in mind that placing wagers is much different as there are fewer games to bet on. As such, they need to focus their efforts on fewer bets, but with higher investments. Picking the right team and placing a larger than normal wager will get the bettor a much better pay out. However, with higher the investment and fewer games to bet on will undoubtedly increase the risk. Do not spend unwisely as well. It is important to base your picks on reasonable assumptions, and based on those, the amount of money you should be willing to bet with should be equal.

Above all else, have fun and enjoy the fierce competition of the NFL playoffs. Always remember to leave some money for the Super Bowl.