Betting the NFL Super Bowl

NFL Super Bowl

There is no other time during the American pastime where so many people turn on their TV’s and enjoy watching a sporting event as big as the NFL Super Bowl. During the 2012 Super Bowl, there was approximately 111 million people watching the event, live from the comfort of their homes. What does this mean for the sports bettor? There will be so much excitement and hype, that anyone wanting to bet on the Super Bowl could end up getting swept along with the excitement. This is why bettors and sports fans should know what to do when the Super Bowl season rolls around.

Important factors that bettors should take into account are ignoring the hype, understanding the essential difference that is the Super Bowl, using a betting system that works, and controlling your emotions.


Ignoring the Hype

Anyone that has ever watched and/or participated in an event during the Super Bowl, whether it is watching the news or going to a Super Bowl party, should know what hype really is. In terms of sports betting, hype is what drives the odds that are found at online sportsbooks and even in casinos. Hype is the public opinion of what the outcome is most likely to be, based on the current matchup. It is basically stating what the public’s preference is, which tends to be based more on opinion and less on fact.

For this reason, the bettor should not always listen to or even follow what the hype is trying to sell, especially during a high-tension and exciting time as is the Super Bowl. A bettor needs to always look at the matchups, whether it is during the regular season or the Super Bowl, the same way; in a logical manner. They should take into consideration all the factors that affect the outcome of a match, like the team and player playoff performance, as well as whether or not the teams have any Super Bowl experience. The two factors that influence how well a team performs are experience and skill. Take those factors into account, and leave public opinion to the public.


The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the completion of the NFL season; it is the final match between the two teams that have proven to their fans and the nation, that they are the best in the league. During this matchup, the teams and players are on a whole different level than what they were at during the regular season and the playoffs. They are prepared to leave it all out there on the field; mistakes could cost them the Championship so the pressure is at an all-time high. Player’s individual skill and ability will be tested and used thoroughly throughout the match.

The entire environment surrounding the Super Bowl is different. Looking at the match just like any other is great when talking about calculating the odds, as the process remains the same, but the factors that change are the statistics and information. For the regular season, bettors will take into account the team’s performance throughout the regular season. When it comes to the Super Bowl, bettors need to take into account the team’s past performance in Super Bowl’s, and not so much based on the stats that they had during the regular season; the playoffs do play a larger part to get a glimpse at how a team handles the pressure.


NFL Super Bowl Betting System’s

A bettor is going to find numerous betting systems that guarantee success, and they might work and they might not. What a bettor needs to figure out is a way to create their own system, based on systems that have been proven to work. Test them against previously played Super Bowls and see how well they perform. Never take anything for its word, especially if it states that it is 100% effective. A good betting system is supposed to increase the chances of predicting the correct outcome, and to be able to bet on the NFL Super Bowl accordingly. A good example of a betting system is the Overall Points system, where points are assigned to each team based on their statistics.

Points Given

If a Team


Has won a Super Bowl in last three years


Whose opponent is playing in first Super Bowl of franchise history


Allowed the fewer defensive rushes


Best straight up win/loss record


Most offensive rushes


Lower defensive rush average per carry


Best net kick/punt touchdown returns


Better record against the point spread


Superior net penalty yards


Best yards per pass attempt


Given up the fewest points


Allowed the fewest rushing touchdowns


Has most sacks


Fewest offensive pass attempts

So, in the end a team may have more points than the other, which is a good indication of how the match will end. However, bettors should not rely just on one piece of information or system, and they should look for other possibilities that back-up the original statement of Team 1 will defeat Team 2 in the Super Bowl.


Controlling Emotions

This is one of the hardest aspects of being a sports bettor, leaving emotion out of betting. A bettor may feel inclined to bet on one team, regardless of what the numbers tell him, based on their personal preference towards a team. Or a bettor might think that betting a large chunk of their bankroll is a smart move, since the Super Bowl is such a big event. These aspects are what separate the successful and the inexperienced bettors from each other.

The main objective of a sports bettor is to make money, or at least it should be, and obviously to have some fun while doing it. This is why bettors need to have a business attitude towards betting on the NFL Super Bowl. Sure, it is an awesome show of competition and skill, but while betting money on it, should always be treated as a business transaction. This will limit the amount of mistakes, and get the bettor a winning ratio. Leave emotion out of betting, as it will always find a way of biting you on the ass.