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Football Finger Fails, NFL Players With Most Drops


Oct 2015

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It doesn’t matter how much press or hype a NFL player gets, if they are unable to catch the football in a proficient way, they are not helping out the team. Positions on the offense like the wide –> Read More

Three Backup NFL Quarterbacks With Football Promise


Oct 2015

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With the large amount of football injuries occurring during the start of this 2015 NFL season, there is a little ray of hope for the fans of four teams that have had their quarterbacks taken out due to –> Read More

Harder Time For Football Kickers In NFL Games


Sep 2015

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It used to be known as the “free kick/point”, but now with the recent rule change, the extra point kick is harder than before. Football kickers are now feeling the pressure, as the ball has moved from the –> Read More

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