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Preseason Football Injuries Give NFL Bad PR


Aug 2015

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With the second week of the NFL preseason over with, a lot of football fans were left in awe of how things are going on the field. We all know that the preseason does not count, and is –> Read More

Michael Sam Hasn’t Been The Only Gay Player In The NFL


Jun 2015

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The NFL seems to not have welcomed Michael Sam, first openly gay football player, in the best manner, but he seems to be doing fine as he has joined the CFL and the Montreal team Alouettes. However, very –> Read More

NFL Players Impress At 2015 OTA’s


Jun 2015

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With the Draft over with, it is time for the NFL teams and players to start focusing on training and getting prepared for the upcoming start of the 2015 football season. During these OTA’s there are always certain –> Read More

Rookies Taking Over Older Football Players Positions


May 2015

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Just like spring cleaning, each NFL team needs to clean house and strengthen their team, which is why we have the Draft. This means that the older football players will have to start watching out for their positions –> Read More

NFL Football Kickers Unfazed By New Rule


May 2015

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With the amends that the NFL has done to the rules this past year, the one that did not worry anyone at all was the extra-point being pushed back to the 15-yard line. Football kickers would now have –> Read More

First Round of The 2015 NFL Draft: Top Football Picks


May 2015

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The first round of the 2015 NFL Draft has been concluded, with the 2nd and 3rd rounds happening tonight, and finishing on Saturday, May 2nd. There are many excellent college football players on the list, and from what –> Read More

Adrian Peterson Will Be Eligible To Play Football For Vikings On Friday


Apr 2015

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It seems the NFL has deemed that Adrian Peterson has suffered enough, and is now ready to get back and play football for the Minnesota Vikings. Rodger Goodell, the commissioner, stated that they will lift his suspension and –> Read More

2015 NFL Free Agents Are Big Money


Mar 2015

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Being a top NFL player, as well as being a Free Agent can certainly improve upon previous contracts, especially when it comes to the salary. However, being a free agent has its risks, since not all players are –> Read More

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