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For the following, the Central Las Vegas Strip guide will include properties from Mirage, Cosmopolitan and Harrah’s, as well as Planet Hollywood. A lot of these properties are owned by Caesars Entertainment and have good and bad sportsbooks around the city, including Caesars Palace that has 279 seats and 93 TV’s, most of which are personal TV’s for each seat.


Two MGM properties along the central strip have some pretty good sportsbooks, considering. Bellagio offers 200 seats, and the Mirage offers 269 seats, making them a good place to bet. Bettors wanting to have a seat while watching their games will benefit. Additionally, Caesars Entertainment bettors will have a harder time finding a seat or even enjoying the sports betting process within some of the properties.

Sports bettors at Cosmopolitan will find a comfortable yet limiting space. Cosmopolitan does not have as many seats as other Las Vegas properties, but does have a high level of quality. You will more than likely have to stand as you bet on the sportsbook there.

Central Sportsbooks Guide

Casino Sportsbook Overall Grade Year Opened Seats TV’s
Bally’s C+ 1973 256 161
Bellagio B 1998 200 150
Caesars Palace A+ 1966 279 93
Cosmopolitan B 2010 43 24
Flamingo C+ 1946 102 83
Harrah’s C 1973 45 40
Mirage B+ 1989 269 128
Paris C+ 1999 265 232
Planet Hollywood A- 2000 201 58
Quad D+ 1979 290 10

Central Las Vegas Casinos Information


Bally’s offers an average sportsbook experience. It does have 256 seats available to use. There is a decent amount of TV’s that you can use to watch all the sports and make bets. Although it has a decent quantity, the quality is lacking. They do offer some good sports lines at their sportsbook. They do have regular seating at their sportsbook, Bally’s also offers VIP sportsbook seating for special events.


Bellagio impresses most with their sportsbook in Las Vegas. Bettors can place their wagers comfortably with 200 seats and 150 different TV’s to watch from. It is quite new as it was opened in 1998. For good sportsbook odds and lines you can visit this location and enjoy all of the other amenities and comps that are offered.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace offers an amazing experience. The sportsbook, although lacking in TV’s, has an amazing setup. All you need to do is visit the sportsbook. They have private booths at the sportsbook, which includes 63 TV’s in each booth. You can comfortably watch from the big screen as well. Bettors can pick from general seating, the private booths, and even their VIP tables with personal monitors. It is truly a great experience to have.


Cosmopolitan is very new, opening in 2010 and still has a lot to prove. Bettors can take their pick of the 43 seats and 24 TV’s.


Flamingo sportsbook bettors will have a pleasant time here. There are 102 seats to choose from and 83 TV’s. It is the oldest on the strip, opening in 1946. Bettors wanting to get a good experience by sacrificing some comfort should definitely go and wager on the sports. Serious bettors may want to go elsewhere, as it is a popular tourist spot.


Harrah’s is another below average property. Bettors may not be able to find a seat to watch from, with only 45 seats in total. They do have enough TV’s to cover the room, but isn’t big enough to pack in too many. The overall sportsbook is bland, and is probably not a good fit for most.


The worst sportsbook in Las Vegas is awarded to no other but the Quad. It only has 10 TV’s for its whopping 290 seats in its sportsbook. On top of that, it isn’t very comfortable for anyone. Bettors may be hindered by foot traffic on the floor.


Mirage does a good job of offering a great experience for their customers. Their entire sportsbook covers a good portion of their floor. Bettors will have a decent time watching and betting from 269 seats and 128 TV’s throughout the large area. Bettors won’t be blocked by passing people and can enjoy it fully. They have taken price in their sportsbook making it one of the top rated sportsbooks in the Central Strip.


Paris is a pretty good casino but lacks when it comes to its sportsbook. They are above average compared within the Las Vegas Strip, but Paris is not the specific place for sports bets. They have a great number of seats with 265 to go along with their 232 TV’s. Quantity does not equal quality, and from the overall experience they do not have what it takes to be amazing. The sportsbook and sportsbook amenities can be found at most other locations.

Planet Hollywood

Unlike Paris, Planet Hollywood actually has a proper sportsbook where it offers a comfortable area for sports bettors. Although it has few TV’s, they have it set up so that everything can be viewed from every seat.

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