College Football Picks

College Football Picks

College football is a very big sport, having multiple teams and tournaments; there are just about as many football teams as there are big colleges and universities. With having such a great variety to wager on can be an advantageous situation, but at times can also seem overwhelming. This is why some sports bettors like to look around and try and find the best information that will help them narrow down which teams to bet on. One of these aspects is the college football picks. Whenever there is a lot of information, whether it is through the news or just because they are performing well, can indicate a pick; picks are the most likely to win in a match. Bettors can look on the internet for these picks, or they can come up with them on their own.


Finding the Right Picks

Locating and understanding picks is something every college football bettor should know how to do.



A bettor can simply search for college football picks on the internet, and they will certainly get a lot of results. However, the trick is in knowing how to sort through them all and find the ones that actually seem legitimate. These picks could come from sports sites or online sportsbooks. They tend to rely on the knowledge and odds that are already set in place in the betting lines.



A pick is someone’s assessment of which team is more likely to win, beat the spread, or fulfill the expectations of the crowd. When looking at the picks online, through a sportsbook, a bettor can start to take notice of how the odds and the betting lines are influenced by these picks.

For example, if there is a betting line showing,




Money Line


07:00 PM


+6           -110


Ov          44½        -110

Penn State

-6           -110


Un          44½        -110

The sportsbook is “picking” Penn State to beat Ohio; since Penn State is the Favorite in this matchup. However, there is other information that is useful to determine whether or not the game is predicted to be close or not. Looking at the Spread lets a bettor know by how much the Favorite is predicted to win by. If the spread is low, that means the teams are very balanced, but if the values go up, it means that one team has an obvious advantage over the other. The Money Line is the other useful information. If the value for the Favorite is close to 100, it means they have a good chance of winning, and the further it gets, the harder it is for that team to win.

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Making your own Picks

Going to an online sportsbook and analyzing the information in the betting line is good and all, but a sportsbook isn’t in the gambling business to give away money; this could influence the odds one way or the other. This is why bettors should really only rely on the betting line information about 35%, while the other 65% should be self-research.


What to Research

Bettors should start out by looking at the upcoming game schedule, and from there decide which matchups they want to focus on. They could focus on all of them, but sometimes that can be overwhelming. From there, they can then look up the team and player statistics of the teams in the matchups. The performance of each team will be a good indication of how well they play, and when this information is compared side by side against a different team’s performance, the bettor can start to predict just how the outcome of the match might be.


Comparing the Stats

There are 230 college football teams that in Division I, which is what most colleges that have a good football program are in. This is why it is important to focus on a few matchups, and not all; it would be impossible to accurately predict the outcome of so many matches. Just like in pro football, college football also has overall team stats that can be used to compare against each other.

Taking the Ohio vs. Penn State game for instance, comparing their stats would be something like this:


Penn State





Average Score For



Total Yards



Rushing Yards



Passing Yards






Average Score Against



Total Yards



Rushing Yards



Passing Yards


From just looking at the overall Offensive and Defensive rankings for each team, we can start to picture how the match will play out. In college football, it is said that the better defense will win games; regardless if the opposing offense is good or not. We can tell that Penn State has an impressive defense, and with that we can already start to tell how Ohio will fare against Penn State’s defense.


Defense vs. Offense

As stated before, defense is what wins games. The reason for this is due to the fact that a good defense can force a good offense into a bad play, while the opposite is very rare. The only way an offense can win is by making good plays, which means they have to be accurate and be able to outplay the defense. There has to be a good route and bad coverage in order for the offense to be effective. On the other hand, if there is a bad route and good coverage or a bad route and bad coverage, it is still a defensive win. This is why defense is what tends to win games.


Take it all into Account

There is a lot more information out there than just the overall rankings of the college football teams. That is why bettors need to do some research and find out other information, specific information. This information would include key players and their stats and performance, along with how well the team plays together. Always read up on the news to check up on injuries and weather as this information could be paramount to picking a winner.