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Downtown Las Vegas has a few decent sportsbooks available. It is a great place in Las Vegas to get to know the basics on sports betting at the sportsbooks. There are mixed feelings when it comes to talking about each of these casinos in terms of sports. Some great betting can be found at the Golden Nugget and the Plaza. Golden Gate is unnecessary to visit.


Additionally, the California offers a small and quaint place where bettors can get comfortable as long as there are few people. The same can be said about another small and quaint downtown property, The D Las Vegas only has 20 seats for its bettors to use while they watch and bet. There are no downtown sportsbooks that offer a large enough quantity of seating for important betting events, like March Madness or the Super Bowl.

One aspect of downtown Las Vegas gaming is that the casinos are quite old. This makes them adhere to their original layout, making the space available for sports gambling quite limited.

Downtown Las Vegas Sportsbooks Guide

Casino Sportsbook Overall Grade Year Opened Seats TV’s
California B- 1975 40 18
Fremont C 1956 42 30
Golden Gate F 1906 0 (only bar seating) 3
Golden Nugget A 1946 100 61
Plaza B+ 1975 75 75
The D Las Vegas C+ 1979 20 9

Downtown Las Vegas Sportsbooks


California focuses on small crowds being catered in their sportsbook. Bettors will be limited to 40 seats and 18 TV’s. They are only offered cash as a payment option. This is quite consistent with how other downtown Boyd Gaming properties are run.


Fremont uses the same Boyd Gaming downtown setup. Bettors are limited to 42 seats and 30 TV’s. They are open pretty early at 6:30 am and open until 12:30.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate is rated as the worst. It focuses too much on their casino side. They use an automated kiosk for betting. They have 3 TV’s that are set up near one of their bars. Bettors that are looking to bet and enjoy watching will be disappointed. There is no real sports betting experience to be had.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is a great place for all kinds of bets. Bettors can place wagers on the sports, as well as sit at any of the 100 comfortable seats. They have enough TV’s, 61, to cover the entire floor and allow anyone to stay tuned with their sports match. It is located well within the casino, with a great space just for the sports betting. Golden Nugget has one of the best sportsbooks in the city, as it is highly rated among bettors as it’s an experienced sportsbook.


Plaza has a good sportsbook thanks to the fact that they have recently remodeled it. Bettors now have access to 75 TV’s. It now has its own closed off section on the casino floor. They certainly wanted to improve their sportsbook as it was deplorable in the past years, making it into a good place for sportsbook users to visit.

The D Las Vegas

The D was originally named Fitzgeralds. It is closely related to Golden Gate, but is on a different level. It feels like some of the other sportsbooks. During the day, their sportsbook is open from 8 am to 9 pm most days. Bettors will have trouble finding an open seat with only 20 to pick from. They do have 9 TV’s that are strategically placed around the sportsbook, but it only covers are small area.

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