This is a comprehensive website that takes everything and anything that a sports fan and bettor would ever need and want and puts it in one single location for their convenience. There are problems with having such an extensive website, like navigating and finding what you are looking for. This is a short guide to how to find your way around and all of the available resources it has at your fingertips. There are various parts of the website that are perfect for the NFL fans, as well as for those that want to gain some insight and experience into betting on the NFL. This is the general breakdown of the website, along with short description of what information can be found in each section.


Main Page

This is nothing to new to those that have ever used the internet. The main page is where the overview of the website can be found. In regards to football betting, the homepage does a good job of conveying the basic section that can be found in the website. It has a great section of articles on betting, along with how to’s and general tips in regards to football betting. As many NFL fans would want, the website gives the current and upcoming NFL matchups, showing which teams are set to play along with dates and times. There are also blog and news articles that are posted along the side of the main page, giving an updated report on current events as the bettor navigates the website. The main page is where the rest of the website comes together, to better guide the visitor as they search for what they want.

Advanced Articles

This is another section that is privy to the main page. This section gives visitors more in-depth and specific information on betting on the NFL.


Betting Line Sections

There are two section on the website that are there to inform the bettor about the betting lines for either the NFL or college football. These links are there to provide the general information about the different betting lines that a visitor can wager on. It links to the Bovada online sportsbook, which is an excellent sportsbook.


Football Schedule

This section is self-explanatory. This is for those sports fans that do not want to go all around the internet trying to find the schedule for the NFL. Within this section, the bettors can go on to find the dates, times, and which teams play through an easy to read calendar. For the benefit of the bettors, they can even search for the schedule by team or by week; this will help them narrow down specific details on upcoming events.



This is another amazing feature that offers. It is table, splitting the teams up by conferences and divisions, and showing their overall standings. The standings include information about their current record, as well as information that will help the bettor analyze the statistics. They show the Against the Spread, both home and away, as well as when they were favorite or the underdog. The great thing about this information is that the bettor can then click on any of the teams that are on the list, and will be sent to a section with more specific stats and news. All of this information is automatically updated as the season moves along.


Football Scores

The football scores section shows past, current, and upcoming matches. However, that isn’t all that is shows. Bettors can use this section to gather information on past games, as well as on upcoming matches. It shows the individual matchups, and if the bettor clicks on any of the matchups, they will be sent to a more in-depth analysis of the game, along with projections and predictions.


NFL Related Sections

There are several links that are specific to the NFL like NFL Matchups, Previews, Injuries, and Database. Each section is easily accessed and contains different kinds of information. The matchups section shows the upcoming matches that will be played in the NFL. The previews section gives the visitor insight into what might happen in the future games. It is always important to stay on top of the current news, and one of the biggest reasons teams fail to perform is due to injuries; that is why there is a section available where bettors can see which teams and players have injuries.

For those bettors that love to analyze and compare stats and data on any of the NFL teams, the NFL Database is the perfect section. There they can search, using different options, what they want to find. Whether it is a Head to Head, Vs. Spread, or Vs. Division query, it can be found in this section.


Online Sportsbooks

After analyzing and deciding which team a bettor wishes to wager on, they can go to the online sportsbook section, where they can find a small preview of several great sportsbooks that are there to help and provide the best solution for the sports bettors. As there are several limitations regarding online sports gambling, there is a great list of sportsbooks that are available for US bettors.


NFL Links

In this section it gives sports fans and bettors a long list of popular websites that have more information about the NFL, whether they are stats or news. This can be used to shop around and check up on different news sites and confirm any information that is found on other websites. It is a great tool for those that want to know as much as they can about the NFL.


Football News

This section is where bettors would come to find out any kind of news about the NFL teams and their matchups. They have each of the teams that are part of the NFL, along with their specific official website. There are other sources of news as well, specific to the location of the team. Knowing more about the region by learning what the weather will be like during a certain matchup can be very advantageous.


Informational Links

The Football Directory and Football Info links are used to help the bettor and NFL fan if they ever have any additional information that they want to look for. It also uses a search engine that will allow them to search for specific words throughout the website and the internet.