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A little about the History of Betting on Football

Betting and wagering has been around for centuries, ever since the gladiators of Rome fought each other, all the way up to the now popular sports betting. Football Betting, in this case the NFL, started out as a two different entities, the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL). They finally merged in 1970 to create the large league that it is today. There are a total of 32 teams in the NFL, which are divided up into two conferences, American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). The entire season takes about 24 weeks; 2 weeks for preseason, 16 weeks of regular season, 4 weeks of playoffs, and 2 weeks for the completion of the Super Bowl.



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Ever since the NFL started as a competitive sport, there have been people wanting to bet and wager on the teams participating. In the 1980’s there was a surge of bookmaking, which is where people take and place wagers on sporting events. This lead to a lot of illegal gambling since sports betting is illegal in most U.S. States. There are a few states that do allow sports betting, like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Even though there are still places where betting on football is considered illegal, bettors still have many options. With the online out pour of internet gambling sites in the 1990’s, there were many more venues from which to pick. With the Wire Act of 1961 being repelled in 2011, there are endless possibilities in the online sports betting realm. This is where all the online sportsbooks come into play.


What is Football Betting

Football betting consists of placing bets or wagers on a match outcome, college or NFL team or individual player performance, and future team performance.

Match Outcome

The most basic and general form of betting is wagering on how the matchup between two teams will end. As the NFL is a points driven sport, it is easy to determine which team is the winner; it also helps that there are no ties.

Team or Individual Player Performance

Bettors are able to wager on the team’s performance, such as how many points they score or total yards. The same applies to player performance; such as which team member will be the first to score or how many yards they have run/caught for.

Future Team Performance

This applies for the longer types of wagers like Futures. This is where a bettor would anticipate the performance of a team, based on current knowledge, and places a bet on how well they will perform in future events, such as the playoffs and the Super Bowl.


NFL Betting Breakdown

For those that do not know, the NFL is the National Football League, and the sport is highly competitive; this is the main force that drives people to wager on the NFL. The breakdown of the NFL season consists of the preseason, regular season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl.  Each has a different degree of competition. For bettors, it is paramount to know about the breakdown of the NFL season, since their wagers will depend on different information.

Preseason Betting

For many NFL fans and sports bettors, the NFL preseason is not very important at all; seeing as how during the preseason match outcomes are not influential when trying to get a spot in the playoffs. The matches played during the preseason are basically friendly matches to start warming up for the regular season. Teams, and players, do not perform at their full potential, which makes the outcomes of the matches uncertain, and not relevant at all when analyzing the statistics.

During the preseason, bettors should take into account that teams will not be using their best players, so they should know enough about their 2nd line players. Any bets made during this time should be done on a whim, as research and statistics do not really help as much. Simply bet on your favorite team or whichever team looks stronger.

Regular Season Betting

The regular season is the longest portion of the NFL, as it lasts 16 weeks. This is prime time for the bettors to start placing wagers. There are a few tips for placing bets during this time; research and analyze statistics.

Bettors need to do two things in order to properly predict the outcome of a match, research the teams in the matchup and then analyze their statistics. By doing this, they can more accurately predict which team has a better chance at beating the other. For example, the New England Patriots have a good passing game mixed with a good rush defense. Their opponent is the San Diego Chargers, which have a good rushing game, but lack the pass defense. One can already start to imply how the Patriots defense will be able to stop the Chargers rushing attempts, but the Chargers won’t be able to stop the Patriots passing. It is obviously a lot harder than this to predict an outcome, but that is the general idea.

Playoffs Betting

The playoffs are a time of very high amount of adrenaline and competition, as it is a single elimination tournament. Teams that make it here are usually the best of their Division, bringing with them the best the NFL has to offer. With such great teams facing each other, it is no wonder that the intensity level changes. During this time, bettors will still be taking into account the regular season statistics, but they also need to add in other factors like rival teams and past playoff performance.

Teams, that have the same, or close to the same, lineup they had when they were in the playoffs in a past season, will be more likely to perform equal or above to their past performance. These teams with playoff experience are usually calmer and level-headed as they know how to handle the pressure. Teams that are rivals, facing off in the playoffs, usually send an added amount of motivation to the players. This can influence their performance as well.

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is a totally different animal. The two teams that make it to the Super Bowl tend to be all-around great teams. This matchup is certainly wrought with high pressure. This is why bettors should focus more on the teams past Super Bowl performances, coupled with how well they performed in the playoffs. Regular season statistics should play little to no part. This is where the individual player stats will start to show; such as how well the QB acts under pressure, or how well a defender covers their man.

Each part of the football season has to be dealt with differently, which makes sports bettors into very adaptable people. Bet on your favorite NFL or NCAA team, and sit back and enjoy the competition.

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