NFL Special Bets

Betting on the NFL

All of the bettors and sports fans that follow and wager on the NFL and its great matchups of pure strength and skill, know and understand about the regular forms of betting. Most of those regular types of betting can be found on the NFL betting lines; Money Line, Spread, and Total. However, those less experienced bettors may not know about the amazing possibilities of the special types of bets that are offered on most, if not all, online sportsbooks that offer NFL betting. In the special bets category, there are the Parlays, Teasers, and the Prop Bets; and for those that enjoy forecasting, the Futures.


Prop Bets

These bets are also known as Proposition bets or Exotic bets. The reason is because they are not the regular forms of betting that everyone is accustomed to. They take the whole aspect of betting and make it a much more enjoyable experience. Simply imagine betting amongst friends; there are usually some pretty crazy bets that friends make with each other. A few examples of what prop betting is all about are,

  1. Which team will score first
  2. Which player will make the first touchdown
  3. Which team will get the first fumble, interception, sack
  4. Total throwing yards and running yards
  5. Team to get the shortest, longest touchdown
  6. Number of touchdowns, field goals
  7. How many injuries
  8. How many penalty flags
  9. Whether or not a team will win the challenges

As the bettor can tell, these are not the usual forms of betting. The types of bets usually are updated and changed as the game continues, so being able to watch and place bets at the same time is a very useful combination.

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Parlays are a fun way for bettors to pick and choose two or more teams to bet on, regardless of what type of bet they choose to wager on. The parlays are a way of grouping several bets into one large bet. The bettor can choose what types of bets he wants to include, such as the regular types of bets. They can bet on the Money Line of the Point Spread of various different matches, and join those into one group. However, what makes the parlays so great is that the more teams the bettor includes into the group, the better odds they receive. In other words, the more teams they place in the parlay, the bigger the payout could be.

The bettors need to be very confident in their wagers, as there is a downside to betting on a parlay. The one downside is the fact that all of the bets have win in order for the Parlay to pay out. Even if one of the bets ties, it is still considered a loss in the Parlay. This may sound bad, but a parlay has some very good odds for the payouts.

An example:

2 Picks: odds of 3/1
3 Picks: odds of 6/1
4 Picks: odds of 10/1
5 Picks: odds of 20/1
6 Picks: odds of 40/1
7 Picks: odds of 80/1
8 Picks: odds of 100/1

Now, a bettor will still be getting money from their individual bets on the matches, and by placing them in the parlay as well, they could get a real big payout. No harm in trying your luck at a Parlay.



Teasers are another great form of betting. They do take on the same outline as the Parlays, in the fact that the bettor will be able to group two or more teams into a group to get a bigger payout. There are a few differences though and they are based on the spread and the odds. With a teaser, the bettor will get lower odds on each tier and the payout will be much smaller, unlike the Parlay. However, due to having lower odds, the bettor gets a nice perk from the online sportsbooks. The point spreads in a Teaser are adjusted to be in favor of the bettor. In other words, the point spread will lean more towards the wager the bettor has placed.

The following is an example of how the Teaser will balance the spread in favor of the bettor.

Let us say that the bettor will enter into a 3-team Teaser, where the sportsbook gives the bettor an advantage number, in this case it would be a 4 point advantage.


Original Spread


New Spread

New York Giants


-6 + 4 =


St. Luis Rams


+3 + 4 =


New England Patriots


-8 + 4 =


For the Favorites, the Giants and the Patriots, they now have a lower point spread to beat. The Giants only have to win by more than 2 points and the Patriots by more than 4 points; instead of the original 6 and 8 points. As for the Underdog, the Rams, the point spread gets wider, making it easier for the Rams to keep the score difference less than 7 points, instead of the original 3 points.

This is a huge advantage for the bettors, which is why the Teasers get smaller odds, thus smaller payouts; less risk, less reward.

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Future Bets

This type of special bet is for anyone with some extra cash lying around. It is done more for the entertainment value rather than the large odds and payout possibilities. Future bets are where bettors will place a wager on the future performance of a team, whether it is for winning their Conference Championship or the Super Bowl. These bets take a long time to payout, since they obviously depend on the outcome of the future events. The downside to this bet is that the odds change weekly, as the NFL season progresses and the teams start showing their Super Bowl potential. Remember, this type of bet is purely for entertainment purposes, as the odds are really skewed.

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