Dallas Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys, also referred to as America’s Team, was established in 1960 as part of the NFL. The team is currently playing in the East Division that is part of the NFC and is headquartered in Valley Ranch Irving in Texas; which is a befitting place for the Cowboys. They have been playing all of their home games in the recently constructed Cowboys Stadium in 2009. As you might have guessed, their mascot is a cowboy, but not just any cowboy, it is Rowdy and he enjoys creating scenes during the home games. The Cowboys are actually one of the highest valued sports franchises in the U.S. and come in second in the world; right after Manchester United. The team not only acquires great players, but also has a huge fan base that makes it great.


Cowboys Brief Team History

As mentioned before, the Cowboys franchise started in 1960, where they were an expansion team that was joining the NFL. During their first 10 years playing in the NFL, they were moved around from the Western Division to the Eastern, and they would play their home games at the Cotton Bowl. Once the NFL and the AFL merged in 1970, the Cowboys became part of the East Division and the NFC. They played from 1971 until 2008 in the Texas Stadium, during which time they were building the Cowboys Stadium, where they moved to in 2009 after it was finished.

The Cowboys have had a very amazing history. They are the only team to have had 20 straight winning seasons, which were attained from 1966 until 1985, and during which time they only missed two playoffs.  This NFL record has yet to be challenged and beaten. They have also won 21 Division titles, 10 Conference titles, and 5 Super Bowls. This just goes to show what caliber of players the Cowboys have been able to attain throughout their long history.


Notable Cowboys Figures

The Cowboys are one of the most successful NFL teams there are and their success is thanks to many different players and coaches that have led them to glory.


Past Cowboys Figures


Tom Landry was the Cowboys head coach from the time it started in 1960 all the way until his retirement in 1988. During that time he achieved many great things with the Cowboys, such as winning two Super Bowls, creating a NFL record, and receiving the Cowboys Ring of Honor. This man was truly inspirational to his players and fans.


Emmitt Smith was drafted to the Cowboys in 1990, where he became an important part of their rushing offense. This running back was able to set various NFL records such as the Career Rushing Yards (18,355), Career Rushing Touchdowns (164), and Career 100-Yard Rushing Games (78). You can only imagine the amount of awards he won, along with his 3 Super Bowl rings. He really brought the Cowboys into the limelight.


Michael Irving, a Wide Receiver that played for his entire career with the Cowboys, was able to bring the fame and fortune that the Cowboys deserved. He was there and responsible for the team winning 3 Super Bowls.


Present Cowboys Figures


DeMarco Murray is a Cowboys Running Back, that even with only having two years of pro football experience has been able to make the offense that much deadlier. During his 2011 season, he wasn’t given that much playing time, but it would appear in that short time he was able to make an impression as they have him starting during the 2012 season. He is a not only a great runner, but is also able to receive the ball when the QB needs a relief.


The combination of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, both Wide Receivers have been making receptions all season long. They both have some experience playing, but what is most impressive about them is the fact that with only a few receptions they are able to create long plays and get a lot of yards, including several touchdowns.


DeMarcus Ware is one man that any offensive line should be worried about. He is an Outside Line Backer with a great attitude and ability for deflecting passes and forcing fumbles. He does a good job at rushing the quarterback and causing all kinds of ruckus in their opponent’s offense.


These players, offensive and defensive, all fulfil their duties in an efficient manner and are helping the Cowboys get back their lost fame. There are many other players on the team that make an impact, but these stand out more than any.


Present Team Personnel

The current owner of the Cowboys is Jerry Jones, who bought the team back in 1989, where he made a few changes and actually became the president and general manager of the team as well. As for the head coach, that position is currently filled by Jason Garrett. He started in 2011, after Jones decided it was time for another change. Garrett has started to get more comfortable with the team and is making strides towards success.