New York Jets


The New York Jets, second NFL team to be representing the New York metropolitan area, were established in 1960. Before the Jets joined the NFL, they actually played in the AFL for ten years. They share their home field with the New York Giants, and play their home games at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. They are headquartered in the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center located in Florham Park, New Jersey and they use these installations for all of their practices and training. Once they joined the NFL in 1970, the Jets have been playing in the AFC East, along with their team colors Hunter Green and White. The New York Jets franchise is actually a registered legally and corporately as the New York Jets, LLC.


Jets Brief Team History

In 1959, Harry Wismer went to the first meeting of the American Football League representing New York City. He stated the New York was ready for another football team and was given the franchise, naming the team the Titans of New York; he claimed that “Titans are bigger and stronger than Giants”. The name really only lasted a few seasons, where in 1963 they officially became the New York Jets after a five men, headed up by Sonny Werblin bought the team. Their most notable time in the AFL was when quarterback Joe Namath helped the Jets win the Super Bowl III; it was the AFL named bowl. After a couple of good seasons, the Jets fell into a downward spiral of losing seasons until the 1980’s.

By the 1980’s the Jets started to play much better and even appeared in the 1982 AFC Championship Game. Once again the Jets started to struggle to get back on their feet in early 1990’s. It wasn’t until Bill Parcells, former head coach of the New England Patriots, decided to join the Jets that they would start becoming a better team in the NFL. By the 21st century, the Jets had gone through three different coaches until Rex Ryan was hired in 2009. From 2000 to 2011, the Jets have made it to 6 playoffs; 2 of them back-to-back (2009 and 2010).


Notable Jets Figures

With the Jets there have always been ups and downs, but there have always been a good source of people that have helped the team back on its feet.


Past Jets Figures


Bill Parcells was one of the best coaches the Jets had during their NFL franchise history. It was thanks to him that the Jets were finally able to get back on the NFL radar. Even though his time with the Jets lasted for only three seasons, he managed to get them winning season’s records, along with a chance at the AFC Championship title in 1998.


Joe Namath played for the Jets from 1965 until 1976, playing with them from the time they were in the AFL and the NFL. Namath had an incredible arm, which took the Jets to win Super Bowl III during the 1968 season.


Don Maynard was a wide receiver with the Jets from 1960 until 1972; seeing the team change names and join the NFL. His true potential came out when he partnered up with QB Joe Namath, getting 1,218 yards and 14 touchdowns. He did amazing when he was teamed up with Namath, as they accomplished many great things, including winning the Super Bowl III together.


Present Jets Figures


Mark Sanchez was picked up by the Jets in 2009, where he managed to get 2,444 passing yards his rookie year, and each season after that he has topped his last season’s records. He has been an effective quarterback for the Jets, getting them to two playoff appearances since he arrived. He will continue to improve, and even though he started slow during the 2012 season, he is certainly getting the Jets back in good standings.


Running back Shonn Greene and wide receiver Jeremy Kerley have been essential to the Jets’ offense, especially during the 2012 season. Greene is a very fast running back, and has been able to get past some tough opponents in order to score. Kerley has worked well with Sanchez, being able to properly run his routes and catch the ball. These two will continue to stand out on the Jets offensive line.


Antonio Cromartie is a very aggressive corner back. He does a great job at defending against the pass, as well as reading the passing plays in order to get the interception or a tackle. He is a fast defender, giving the Jets a little breathing room when it comes to pass coverage. While David Harris, the inside linebacker for the Jets is taking care of the rushing plays, and stopping anything at the line of scrimmage.


Present Team Personnel

The current owner of the New York Jets is Robert, or Woody, Johnson. He bought the team in 1999 after previous owner, Leon Hess, died. Johnson is the grandson of the founder of Johnson & Johnson, making him heir to that fortune. He is very businessman-like when it comes to business, but he enjoys watching NFL on a regular basis as he follows his team. The Jets hired Rex Ryan in 2009 in order to become the head coach, and he has done a great job at it. He took the Jets to two back-to-back playoffs and many are hopeful that the Jets will soon win a Super Bowl title while under Ryan’s coaching.