Seattle Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks joined the NFL during their first expansion in 1976, where they play in the NFC West. The Seahawks headquarters are located in the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington. They play their home games at the CenturyLink Field located in Seattle, Washington. They are the only NFL team to have ever played in an AFC and NFC championship games. The team colors are College Navy, Action Green, Wolf Grey, and White. Their official mascot, Blitz, came about in 1998 during the first home game the Seahawks played at the Kingdome. Blitz is a huge hawk, showing huge muscles and wearing the Seahawks jersey.


Seahawks Brief Team History

When the Seahawks were just starting in the NFL, they had joined the NFC West; however, after just one year they had switched to play in the AFC West. They continued in that conference until 2001, where they began their 2002 season back in the NFC West; making them the only NFL team to jump from conferences twice after the NFL – AFL merger. The Seahawks did not have much success at the start of their franchise career, until the early 80’s. This was when they hired Chuck Knox as their new head coach, where he led the Seahawks from 1983 until 1991; during which time the Seahawks made it to their first four playoffs in their franchise history. During this time, they had drafted Curt Warner as quarterback, which improved the offense immensely and was part of the reason for their success.

When Knox stepped down from head coach, and they started losing some of their more experienced players, the Seahawks struggled for a couple of season until 1999 when they hired Mike Holmgren, hoping his success with the Green Bay Packers could be replicated. He stayed until 2008, where he led the Seahawks to the playoffs in 1999, after being unable to since 1988. Holmgren could be the most effective head coach they have had, as after their 1999 playoff appearance, they went on to appear in five consecutive playoffs from 2003 to 2007. Once Holmgren left the Seahawks, they hired Jim L. Mora as head coach until, current head coach, Pete Carroll took over in 2010.


Notable Seahawks Figures

Being one of the first franchises to join the NFL during the expansion, the Seahawks have certainly kept busy. There are certain individuals that made the Seahawks successful throughout the years.


Past Seahawks Figures


Steve Largent was a Seahawks wide receiver from 1976 until he retired in 1989. During his long time with the team he achieved great things, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995. When he retired he held many great NFL records, such as most receptions (819), most receiving yards (13,089), and most touchdown receptions (100).


Curt Warner was the starting running back for the Seahawks from 1983 until 1989. During his rookie season he led the AFC in rushing yards (1,449) and scored 14 touchdowns; he named AFC Rookie of the Year. He ended his professional football career with 6,844 rushing yards and 63 touchdowns; proving that running backs from the past were just as good as the current ones.


Chuck Knox was the Seahawks head coach from 1983 until 1991 and was the coach that would turn a team that had no chance of getting to the playoffs in top contenders during his tenure. He took the team to four different playoffs, and managed to get the unreliable team back in good graces; proving that the Seahawks just needed the proper motivation and coaching. The only other coach that has been able to surpass him has been Mike Holmgren; who also gave the Seahawks plenty of success.


Present Seahawks Figures


Marshawn Lynch has been the running back for the Seahawks since they acquired him in 2009, and started playing in 2010. His 2011 season proved to be very fruitful, getting over 1,000 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns; 1 touchdown from a reception. He is also very versatile; as he is also able to help the quarterback when he needs to throw the ball and the receivers are being blocked. The Seahawks will be taking advantage of this man’s great abilities on the field.


Sidney Rice is just in his second season with the Seahawks as a wide receiver, and during the 2012 season he is starting to play incredibly well. The 2011 season was not so kind to him, but he has since then gotten used to playing the Seahawks offense and is starting to perform exceedingly well.


CB Richard Sherman, OLB K.J. Wright, and DE Chris Clemons are some of the leaders in the Seahawks defense. Sherman, a cornerback, has incredible speed and foresight, as he is able to get interceptions, as well as stop the opposing team’s receivers. Wright, an outside linebacker, deals mostly with the running plays and stops the carrier with great success. Finally, Clemons, a defensive end, has been quite resourceful when it comes to disrupting plays and getting in the quarterbacks face with his ability to get sacks.


Present Team Personnel

The current owner of the Seattle Seahawks is Paul Allen. It is the same Paul Allen that co-founded Microsoft and in 1997 he decided to buy the team from previous owners Ken Behring and Ken Hofmann. It proved to be a great deal, as the Seahawks have had their best years under Paul Allen’s ownership. The Seahawks head coach has been Pete Carroll since 2010, where his first year with the team he took them to another playoff appearance.