Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans were established in 1959 as part of the AFL, but later on joined the NFL during the merger between these two leagues. They currently play in the AFC South, although they did play in the AFC Central from 1970 until 2001. The team is headquartered in Baptist Sports Park located in Nashville, Tennessee; whish is also where they play their home games in the LP Field. The Titans have had many successful seasons since they were first established. Their team colors are Titans Blue, Navy, and White along with their mascot T-Rac. He is a large raccoon dressed with the Titans jersey; for those wondering it is a raccoon because that is the Tennessee state animal.


Titans Brief Team History

The Tennessee Titans were not always known as this, since when they were first established and started playing in the AFL, they were located in Houston, Texas and were known as the Houston Oilers. They remained in Houston until they moved to Tennessee in 1997 and became the Tennessee Oilers, but quickly changed their name a year later to the Tennessee Titans.

During their time in the AFL, the Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers) managed to make five AFL playoff appearances, as well as win the AFL Championship twice in 1960 and 1961. It was a great start to their professional football career. Once they joined the NFL after the merger in 1970, they did not make it to another playoff until 1978, where they went 3 seasons consecutively. The team struggled throughout the beginning of the 1980’s, until Jerry Glanville became the head coach and led them to three playoffs during his time with them. With the great team that Glanville left behind, they were able to continue winning games and making it to the playoffs from 1990 to 1993. They entered another period of struggle until they were finally able to shake that off in 1999, making their first playoff in 6 years. During that 1999 season, the Titans made it to the Super Bowl but were unable to beat the St. Louis Rams, as their WR Kevin Dyson was tackled at the 1 yard line. They continued to make playoff appearances, making it another five playoffs, being the 2008 playoffs the last time they have made it so far. Under Mike Munchak, hired as head coach in 2011, the team hopes to get back in track to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.


Notable Titans Figures

The Titans have changed their name and city, but they have always had certain players and coaches that have made their time much more successful.


Past Titans Figures


George Blanda and Billy Cannon were with the Titans when they were in the AFL and were the Houston Oilers. Blande was the starting quarterback and Cannon was the star running back. With these two on the team, the Oilers were able to win the AFL Championship twice in a row and gave the team plenty of fame.


Jerry Glanville was the Oilers head coach for a short time from 186 to 1989, but during that short time he was able to get them to three playoffs, as well as create a team that would continue to win games for several more seasons. He was responsible for getting them out of the losing streak they were having in the 1980’s.


Jeff Fisher was the most recent head coach of the Titans, beginning in 1994 and staying until 2010. During his time with the Titans, he also got them back into playoff shape, and even led them to the Super Bowl in 1999. Everyone felt a big loss when he left the team.


Present Titans Figures


Chris Johnson has been a running back with the Titans since 2008, and has been able to get over 1,000 rushing yards each season. So far during this 2012 season, he has been able to get almost 500 rushing yards with 2 touchdowns, as well as being able to make a few receptions when needed. He is definitely needed for the Titans offensive rushing.


Wide receiver’s Kendall Wright and Nate Washington, along with tight end Jared Cook are leading the team with their great catching, as they are very good at running routes and getting open for the throws. They have all gained high yardage off of few receptions, making them very effective on the field. So far during the 2012 season, Wright and Cook each have 2 touchdowns, while Washington has 3.


Darius Reynaud is a wide receiver for the Titans, but mainly plays with the special teams becoming their main kick and punt returner. The 2012 season would be the first time playing with the Titans, and so far he has over 700 kick return yards and one touchdown from a return. Special teams don’t get as much coverage, but Reynaud is certainly helping the Titans out with his great kick returning skills.


Present Team Personnel

The current owner of the Tennessee Titans is Bud Adams. Adams was co-founder of the AFL, as well as the man that founded the Tennessee Titans back when they were called the Houston Oilers. He has remained the owner of the team throughout all of these years, showing his loyalty to the Titans. In 2011, Mike Munchak became the new head coach of the Titans. He actually played for the Houston Oilers from 1982 until 1993, where he became an offensive assistant to the team. He later got the job of offensive line coach for the Titans in 1997 until he became the head coach. This man has played and coached with the Titans, maintaining a clear loyalty for the team.