Online College Football Betting

College Football Betting

There are many different sports fans that enjoy watching and betting on college football matches and tournaments due to the high amount on games that are played, as well as for the high level of skill, talent, and competition that is involved in college football. Most sports bettors use a sportsbook, either physical, by telephone, or online in order to place wagers on the different match ups that take place during the college football season. This is more of a guide for those sports fans that want to wager on the football matches, but do not know where, how, what factors go into betting on college football. There is obviously more than one way to skin a cat, and we will certainly go over them.


Physical and Telephone Sports Betting

Actually going to a business or location that takes wagers on sports has always been the main way of placing bets. This of course is a very tedious, time consuming, and expensive form of placing sports wagers, especially considering the bettors location and financial status. Most bettors around the nation, or the world by that matter, do not live anywhere near a brick and mortar casino. These casinos tend to be the main source of sports betting, in a physical environment. Traveling to a casino at least once a week to place bets on the college football matches is something only a small percent of the population can do; either because they live near a casino or have the means to do so.

Due to the cost and time factor, many bookmakers started taking bets through the telephone, and most still do for those that prefer this method. Even by using the telephone, there are still complications such as waiting in line to have the call answered. This is when the internet helped the online sports betting business.


Online Sportsbooks

These online sportsbooks are simply a faster, better, and much friendlier way for any kind of bettor to find and analyze the odds and place wagers on the football match-ups.



The advantages for betting online are countless, but the main factors that make it such a great way to wager on sports are:

  • Automatic updating scores, odds, and other news
  • Fast and secure methods of payment
  • Easy access to information such as schedules and future matches
  • Faster way of placing wagers
  • Cheap alternative (most sportsbooks are free to sign up and use)
  • Comfort; bet and view sports from home or from a mobile device

These are just a few of the advantages, and each online sportsbook can and does offer different incentives and perks for being a member of their website and placing bets using their services.


Online Sportsbooks

These online sportsbooks are everywhere, simply Google “sportsbook” and bettors will get thousands of different sportsbook options. This is where the bettor must take the crucial steps to picking the right one, for them and their bankroll. The first and most basic aspect that a bettor has to take into consideration is where they live, as this plays a major role in what sportsbooks they are allowed to use. The world is split into two general definitions; U.S. friendly and Non-U.S. friendly.

U.S. friendly sportsbooks are those that cater to and allow U.S. based sports bettors to use their wagering services. All of the non-U.S. friendly sportsbooks are those that cater to everyone around the world except for those bettors located in the U.S. The reason for this division is thanks to the fact that the U.S. has some pretty strict gambling laws and does not particularly like the thought of unregulated gambling.


U.S. Friendly Sportsbook

Non-U.S. Friendly Sportsbooks


These are just a few examples of some of the better online sportsbooks that a bettor could find on the internet. It is always good to read each of the sportsbook reviews, to get a better insight of the inner workings of each, as well as get a good preview of what it would be like to become a member of any of them.


Online College Football Betting Factors

There are various factors that bettors should take into account when looking for and using these online sportsbooks when wagering on college football. Some of these factors are the given odds, wagering options, and additional information and data.


Given Odds

Each sportsbook, or most of them at least, should be showing a bettor somewhat similar to different odds. If a bettor finds a sportsbook with unbelievable good odds, where the bettor could get huge amounts of money for low initial investments, then that is too good to be true. Watch out for sportsbooks that show odds that do not line up with the trends that other sportsbooks show. When looking for the best odds or the best bang for your buck, you should always look in more than one place. Many of the successful sports bettors use more than just one sportsbook when placing wagers, they tend to use two or three. The reason for this is that some will give match-ups better odds for the Favorite, while others better odds for the Underdogs. Depending on which team they will be betting on, it could favor them to use both sportsbooks and get more for their money.

A bettor should not spread their bankroll to thin using this method though, and try to stick to a maximum of three sportsbooks to compare and contrast their odds.


Wagering Options

This may seem trivial, since most sportsbooks have the same betting types available to their members. However, having more betting options is never a bad thing. This could increase the bettor’s chances of getting a winning ratio, as well as spread their money around enough to not depend on just a few wagers.


Additional Information and Data

A bettor should keep in mind whether or not a sportsbook offers other services, not simply giving the latest betting lines. These other services or additional information could include news updates for the specific sport; in this case it would be news on possible injuries or university recruitment of football players. This additional information can help a bettor further down the road when they start predicting possible winners. Not many sportsbooks offer data; by data, I mean sport statistics. It would be very useful if a bettor could simply look up the teams that are in the match-up, and compare their team or player stats to help them predict the outcome.


How to Bet Online

Betting on college football is entertaining and complicated; complicated in the sense that there are many factors that can influence the outcome of a match-up. This is the reason that sports bettors have to take into account the factors of influence like the statistics, team and player, past and present performance, and even what the weather will be like during the match. Sports bettors should think of betting as a business transaction, and be smart about their money spending habits. Once they have their prediction systems and their financial in order, they should be in very good shape to place bets. Once a bettor has determined, or at least accurately predicted the outcome and the winner, they can move on to the easiest step there is, placing the wager. Making sure to pick the right types of bets, the bettor will simply place the wager and enjoy the game.