What is Proposition Betting (Prop Bets)?

Proposition Betting Basics

Prop betting is a completely different kind of betting than what is usually found on an online sportsbook. Propositional betting is an exciting and creative way of placing bets during a match. They do not follow the norm that the regular forms of betting have, like the Moneyline or Totals bet. These normal betting types depend on certain aspects of the game, like scores and the outcome. Instead, propositional betting, or exotic betting on some websites, depends on entirely different aspects that may or may not depend on the final outcome of the match or even the score. Some of these aspects include Team Stats, Individual Player Stats, and Quirky Stats.


Team Stats

Team stats are very straight forward forms of propositional betting, as they deal with the happenings during the match that have to do with the whole team; of course it is also split up into the offensive and defensive line ups. Depending on the online sportsbook that is giving these exotic bets, the player might find many different types of team stat bets. Some of these bets include:

  • Total number of touchdowns per team
  • Total passing yards per team or total (Over/Under can be used for this)
  • Total running yards per team or total (Over/Under can be used for this)
  • Which team scores first
  • Team winner by quarters and halftime
  • Which team will get the first down
  • Scoring by field kicks
  • How many punts, fumbles, turnovers

These are general forms of team stats proposition bets, as they deal with the overall team performance and that a bettor would not usually find on a regular type of line bet.


Individual Player Stats

As there are various different positions and different levels of players on the field during a game, the prop bets take this into account and create the ones that fit the specific match better. For instance, a team has a very good quarterback or an excellent defensive end; this will help create prop bets specific to their roles during the match. As such, some of the individual player prop bets could include, but are not limited to:

  • Which player/team will get the most sacks
  • Which player/team will get the most interceptions
  • Which QB will throw the most passes/interceptions
  • How many total tackles will there be
  • Specific players running yards
  • Specific players receiving yards
  • Which player will score a touchdown
  • Will the QB pass or run the ball more

There are some aspects of the individual player prop bets that also have to do with the team, but as it is an individual effort rather than a whole team effort, it is placed in this category, like how many interceptions will a team have.


Quirky Prop Bets

This style of prop bets are the ones that do not fit in any of the above two categories as they occur during the match but are not as prominent or as highly influenced by the teams. These prop bets are influenced by other forces like the coaches and referees. Some of these different quirky types of prop bets are:

  • Which team will get the first penalty
  • Which team will throw the first challenge
  • Did the challenging team win or lose the challenge
  • Depending on the coach, will that coach do a certain movement or routine
  • Will the winning team dump the Gatorade on the coach

These quirky prop bets are also found in the general section of proposition betting.


Why Prop Bets

When a bettor places a prop bet, they are not doing all for the money, but rather for the entertainment that comes from them. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to prop betting, and as such the bettor should not depend on this type of betting to make their money. There are several advantages when it comes to placing a prop bet during a game. The advantages can be On Time, Lower Risk, and Better Odds of winning.

On Time

Prop bets are such a great addition to the betting line up because bettors have the chance to bet while the game is currently being played. This makes it very advantageous because there is not enough time for something to change the pace of the game, which makes it easier to predict what may happen; which for some prop bets it can be very effective. Picking when to place a prop bet is also important since the chance may be there and then be gone in just a few minutes, so the bettor needs to react quickly if they want to take part in the prop bets.

Lower Risk

Seeing as the prop bets occur during a specific match, they are limited to that match. This means a bettor does not have to do any additional research on anything, since what they are watching currently is what will influence the outcome of the prop bet. It is easier to determine who will score first if a bettor can see which team has the ball first. Other factors like this also help lower the risk that the bettor is taking on. This may be true for most prop bets, but for other more specific prop bets, the risk is still as big as if picking a match winner.

Better Odds

This idea goes along with the lower risk factor, as well as with the amount of prop bets there are. With more bets, and the more specific they are, there is a higher chance of being able to win those bets, or at least come out on top. It is also possible to spread out the bankroll more efficiently as to maximize winnings and minimize losses. There is no sure way to winning when it comes to prop bets, and there is no fool-proof plan either.

The simple fact about prop bets is that they are there primarily for the entertainment of the better, as well as an added way of making money while watching the great sport of football.