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5Dimes Overview

The 5Dimes online sportsbook has been around for a very long time. They were first established in 1996, and then took their sportsbook online in 1999. This sky-rocketed their fame, as they were already an established brand name. They are headquartered out of San Jose, Costa Rica; the one downside is that Costa Rica does not offer any kinds of sportsbook licensing. 5Dimes allows both U.S. and Canadian sports bettors to join and start wagering on their preferred sports. They have a very solid business plan, which includes providing their members with the best odds and payouts that they can offer. Anyone that has had experience with other sportsbooks will see that 5Dimes truly is a great place for sports betting.


5Dimes Website
Score: 8.5/10
The 5Dimes website, which includes various sections such as a racebook, lottery, poker room, online casino, and their flagship section, the online sportsbook. At first glance, the website looks very old fashioned, as if they have not updated it since 1999. The reason they have kept their website like this is to cut out the flashy, useless aspects, and focus on the actual sportsbook and every other detail that the website has. The 5Dimes website is quite peculiar, as they have different rules for non-members and members. It would seem that if a bettor is not a member of 5Dimes, they are not allowed to view any of the sportsbook information, like the betting lines or odds.

All a bettor has to do is register in order to become a full member of 5Dimes, they are not required to deposit any money into their accounts until they are sure they want to bet through this particular online sportsbook. Once a bettor becomes a full member, they have all of the perks that 5Dimes can offer them; full betting lines and odds for various different sports, bonuses and promotions, and many other perks.


5Dimes Sports Selection
Score: 9/10

The 5Dimes sportsbook has a pretty wide selection of different sports that both U.S. and Canadian sports bettors can enjoy. They have general sections of sports including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Motor Racing, Fighting, and a section for Other Sports, which include Cricket and Rugby.

Under each of these sections, they have a big list of possible tournaments that a bettor can use to sort through and pick which specific events they want to see. The 5Dimes sportsbook makes it very easy for the bettor to locate both the sport and the specific tournament through their easy to use system; the bettor simply has to check-off the options they want to view.


5Dimes Wagering Options
Score: 9.5/10

At 5Dimes, they want to give the sports bettor the option bet in one or more different ways, which will enhance their experience, but will also enhance their payout.

Straight Bets Totals Point Spread Parlays
Teasers/Progressives Pleasers If-Bets Rolling If-Bets
Reverses Asian Handicaps Office Pools Round Robins


There is a large amount of wagering options, some of which are pretty popular and well-known; however, there are a few that are not, like Asian Handicaps and Round Robins. For those sports bettors that do not know one or more of these options should, 1) Not bet on them until they know what they are, and 2) become acquainted with these using 5Dimes wagering definitions.


5Dimes Bonuses and Promotions
Score: 9/10

5Dimes has many different bonuses and promotions they offer their new members, as well as their loyal members. One bonus is what sets 5Dimes apart from the other sportsbooks, and is an excellent reason as to why their members keep coming back for more. The 5Dimes Reduced Juice Reward allows bettors to lower the stakes from -110 to -105, giving them a 50% discount. For the new 5Dimes sports bettors, they get a 50% bonus, up to $520 in Free-Play Rewards. As for those members wanting to reload their account with more funds, depending on their deposit method and amount, they could get a 20% bonus, up to $500.

5Dimes also has a great Cash Back Reward for their members.

Cash Back Amount

How Often


2x per Year


1x per 30 Days


Once a Week; on Tuesdays


Any Day other than Tuesday


Members can only pick one of these options, and after they have chosen, they cannot use the other options. They have many other bonuses and promotions that members should check out, there are great opportunities to get free, playable cash.


5Dimes Banking Options
Score: 8.5/10

The 5Dimes online sportsbook has a lot of different deposit and withdrawal options available for their member’s convenience.







Not Available

Person to Person

Rates vary

Rates vary

Checks and Money Orders

Rates Vary


Debit Cards

Not Available


eGift Card



Sportsbook Transfer



Account to Account Transfer







There are various ways for members to deposit and withdraw from their accounts; however, they have to keep in mind that some options have fees, as well as time restraints of when they could use the method. There is more information on the 5Dimes website.


5Dimes Customer Service
Score: 10/10

5Dimes really loves to take care of their members, as their satisfaction in very important. For this reason, they have multiple forms of contact, from various different telephone numbers to email to live help.




Customer Service: 1-800-430-5896

New Accounts: 1-877-332-7501

Sports Wagering: 1-866-924-3772

Local: 506-2225-6716





Live Help

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