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Software Provider: ASI

Headquarters: Costa Rica

Accepts US Players: Yes


BetGuardian Overview

The BetGuardian brand name has had a long and successful journey, where it first began in 1991 where they were a sportsbook just taking off. They later on turned this enterprise into a more internationally renowned sportsbook in 1994 when they moved to the internet, starting their online sportsbook venture. They established their headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica, which as many should know is a prime location for online sportsbooks; it allows them to stay close to the U.S. Why remain close to the U.S. you say? Well, the BetGuardian sportsbook has always liked and allowed U.S. sports bettors to use their services; this way, they can stay close to their bettors. Along with their expert management team, this online sportsbook has tons of experience and great services that help it be so successful.


BetGuardian Website
Score: 9/10

The BetGuardian website, which hosts their amazing sportsbook, also hosts a variety of other great services; an online casino and racebook. The great aspect of this website is the fact that it allows members and non-members to check out the latest news and betting lines from the sportsbook; regardless of whether they have signed up or not. For those NFL fans that want to bet on the upcoming matchups, all they have to do access the Football, NFL option and they will get the latest betting line odds, along with the schedule of each matchup. They even include the TV channel that will be broadcasting the matchup; at least for some of them.

BetGuardian has made sure to include every kind of sports bettor in the scheme of things, even those bettors that are always on the go and do not have a lot of time to sit down at their computers. They have designed a mobile website that is compatible with various mobile devices, including the famous iPhone, the popular Android, and the multi-functional Blackberry. This way, those members using mobile devices can stay up to date on the latest news, odds, and scores.


BetGuardian Sports Selection
Score: 8.5/10

The reason that so many people prefer BetGuardian is the fact that they have a great lineup of sports options for them to wager on. They have popular American sports which include Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and highly competitive Football; they also have NASCAR for those motor sports fans that enjoy hearing the loud engines. These sports are also internationally known, but not as much. For that reason, they also include Soccer, Tennis, and Golf to their lineup for those sports bettors wanting to place some bets on international sports.

Boxing has always been a favorite among bettors, and its younger, more action packed brother, MMA is also on the list. They do have Horse Racing, which included in their racebook.


BetGuardian Wagering Options
Score: 9/10

BetGuardian includes several different wagering options on their sportsbook, which helps the bettors pick the right one or combination of bets. This can help a bettor determine which bet type suits certain matchups better. For those that know how to read the odds, can also use the different wagering options to increase the possible payouts, and increase the chances of winning a bet.

BetGuardian Wagering Options:


Money Line





These betting types should be enough for any bettor to take advantage of and win a big payout.


BetGuardian Bonuses and Promotions
Score: 8.5/10

BetGuardian enjoy giving back to their new and loyal members. This is why they have great welcome bonuses, as well as an impressive rewards program. They welcome new players with an array of great perks. First off, new members can get a 100% bonus, up to $5,000 in Free Play money. They also waive the deposit fees, give out great reload bonuses year-round, and give these members a Wager Warranty twice a year. Their rewards program has 4 tiers, and they are divided as following.


Bronze Club

Silver Club

Gold Club

Platinum Club

Bonus %

65% Bonus

80% Bonus

90% Bonus

100% Bonus

Deposit Range

$100 – $249

$250 – $699

$700 – $1299

$1,300 – $2,500

Free Play %





Friend Referral Bonus %





Wager Warranty %

10% (2x per year)

10% (2x per year)

10% (2x per year)

10% (2x per year)

With such a great rewards program, there is no way that the BetGuardian members can miss out on these perks. They simply have to fulfill the Deposit Range requirement and they are set.


BetGuardian Banking Options
Score: 9/10

BetGuardian, having such a wide range of sports bettors on their sportsbook, need to have different options that make depositing and withdrawing quick, easy, and secure. For this reason they have some great banking methods available to their members.

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • MyVoucher
  • Money Order
  • Bank Wire
  • Click2Pay Credit Card
  • NETELLER (non-U.S. members)
  • Moneybookers (non-U.S. members)
  • Money Gram
  • Check
  • NETELLER (non-U.S. members)
  • Moneybookers (non-U.S. members)

Members should check to see which methods have fee associated with them, as well as times of operation/availability for faster processing.


BetGuardian Customer Service
Score: 10/10

The one aspect that seems to be the most important for any type of service, especially for an online sportsbook, would have to be their customer service department. BetGuardian has a very good customer service, which includes a telephone service with a telephone number for different sections; customer service and wagering. They also have an email and fax service, along with a Live Chat service for those that want a quicker response.



Customer Service Telephone





Live Help

Online chat service through the website