Successfully Betting on the College Football

Successfully Betting on the College Football

When it comes to betting on sports, college football would have to be near the top of the list in terms of the total action it brings in. The good news is that since there are so many games on each Saturday’s slate during the regular season there are bound to be a few golden opportunities to cash-in on your bets. The following are a few simple betting tips that should help improve your overall success rate when it comes to betting on college football games.

Limit Your Scope of Games

As mentioned above, each week during the season there are a number of betting opportunities when it comes to college football as opposed to the pros, but this can actually be a bad thing if you try and bite off more than you can chew. Even professional handicappers tend to limit the scope of games that they will consider for their selection packages and you should do the same.

One successful strategy suggests that you should always bet on what you know best. If you are a big fan of the SEC, then you should concentrate all of your handicapping efforts on this conference alone. The more you know about the individual teams, the better you will become at correctly predicting the outcome of their games. Betting on the local teams where you live is another viable strategy for betting college football. Many times the local media coverage will pick up things that never make it to the national level, which in turn can provide a real edge against the betting odds.

Betting on the Mid-Majors

The betting public tends to gravitate toward Top 25 teams when it comes to wagering on college football and the Oddsmakers have become very good at releasing some really sharp betting lines for their games. This, in turn, creates a tremendous opportunity to find a few bad lines when it comes to matchups between teams from the mid-major conferences.

Many of these Mid-Major matchups fly way below the radar. If you are willing to do your homework by thoroughly handicapping these games, you are bound to find a few matchups each week where the spread heavily favors one side over the other. Creating an edge in any game you bet on should always be your top priority and the Mid-Majors are a great place to start.

Going Against Huge Favorites

Huge mismatches in college football are commonplace throughout the season and you will often find some large betting point spreads that accompany these games. It is also true that the betting public leans heavily towards betting favorites so the combination of these two factors is an Oddsmaker’s dream. Point spreads in college football are  based heavily on public perception and sportsbooks know exactly how to take full advantage of the situation when one team is a heavy favorite against the other.

If you go back over the last decade or so of college football games where the closing spread was 30 points or more, the underdog has a clear edge in covering against that spread . That does not mean should always bet a heavy underdog, but anytime a spread climbs above four touchdowns that game is probably worth a second look.

Start Each Week Fresh

Winning and losing are part of the game when it comes to betting on sports and even the best expert handicappers in the country have gone through an extended losing streak at one point or another. No matter what happens one week, you should always start the next week fresh.

If you are riding high over a few big wins, you need to stay grounded in your approach the next time out. If you are in the midst of a major downturn, you need to go back to the drawing board as there are no shortcuts to proper preparation. Whatever your previous results might be, you need to eliminate the emotional factor and not let them have any effect on your future bets.