Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl

The NFL Super Bowl has been, for decades, the most coveted and watched sporting event that the U.S. has. Over 111 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl XLVI, where the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, 21 to 17. That is nearly one-third of the population in the U.S. that watched this amazing final match. The Super Bowl is the most exciting time, when the two best teams face each other to try and win the championship. It is a battle of skill, athleticism, and team play that is renowned for being a clash of the titans. For those sports fans and bettors that want to take part in betting on the Super Bowl, there are various tips that can help make a smarter decision, as well as a few betting systems created for football and football betting.


Betting Strategies

There are a few strategies that can help the bettor prepare for and make the best decision based on the facts. There are many factors that come into play when it pertains to the Super Bowl, like money management, reading news, and keeping up with the statistics.

Money Management

When the bettor is placing wagers throughout the regular season and the playoffs they need to be aware of the many bets they can place on different matches and teams, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, there is only one match and two teams that they could possibly bet on. This is why managing the finances is such an important aspect when betting on the Super Bowl. Many bettors think that since it is the Super Bowl that they need to put even more money down on a bet. That is not how bettors should act.

Just like the bettors have done during the rest of the NFL season, they should continue to do during the Super Bowl; bet on the game as if it is just one more game of the regular season. Losing a large portion of one’s bankroll by betting big on just one game doesn’t sound smart, and that is what bettors need to become, smart gamblers. Obviously, the importance of the game may merit a slight increase in the usual betting amount, but it shouldn’t get out of hand. If a bettor was wagering 5% of his bankroll on each match, they could bump that up to a maximum of 10% – 15%, and that is still a large amount. It will take discipline to not let emotions and the hype of the Super Bowl affect your judgment. There will still be NFL seasons in the future, so do not waste your entire bankroll on just one game.

Reading the News

Keeping up with the news and anything related to the NFL and the Super Bowl is very important. Some news may be garbage, but there will often be articles written that will help the bettor analyze and understand the individual teams in the NFL and see how they might perform due to that news. News articles could include scandals that may bring team moral down, injury reports, especially of those key players, and anything else related to football. On the day of the Super Bowl, it is also important to know what the weather forecast is, as it could tip the scale one way or the other. If it is going to snow, and the stadium that they will be playing at has no roof, this could affect various aspects like the ball, the grip, and the throws.

In extreme cold, or heat, the ball could contract or expand, and the air around and inside of it can become heavier or lighter; which will obviously affect how the ball reacts. With snow, the grip on the ball may become harder as it will slip easier, affecting players that must handle the ball. Looking at how the quarterback performs under these conditions can affect how he might throw the ball. All of this information was taken from just a simple weather report, so always stay updated on the news.


It has been said once and once again, reading and understanding the statistics is crucial when predicting the outcome of a NFL matchup. This is why using all the available resources, the bettor should be able to use past and current stats on the teams that will be playing in the Super Bowl and make a more informed decision before the starting whistle is blown. The one question all bettors should ask themselves, if they ever lose a bet, is “Would you have done anything different based on the stats and facts?” If the answer is no, then the bettor made a smart choice and should feel content with it.  However, if the answer is yes, that means the bettor needs to change his betting strategy and his approach since he is obviously unsatisfied with his decision. When the bettor uses stats to their full potential, they are better known as handicappers. Handicappers are able to make predictions based on facts, as well as assumptions; making their decision making process much more efficient.


Super Bowl Betting Systems

There are many different kinds of systems out there when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl that make all kinds of promises. A bettor needs to weed out those systems that do not show promise, or at least a faint indication of being rational. Betting systems have been around since gambling came into existence; some claim they are get rich quick schemes, while others believe they are realistic ways of having a winning ratio. There is a simple system that takes regular season, and playoff stats, into account. It looks like this:

Points Given

If a Team


Has won a Super Bowl in last three years


Whose opponent is playing in first Super Bowl of franchise history


Allowed the fewer defensive rushes


Best straight up win/loss record


Most offensive rushes


Lower defensive rush average per carry


Best net kick/punt touchdown returns


Better record against the point spread


Superior net penalty yards


Best yards per pass attempt


Given up the fewest points


Allowed the fewest rushing touchdowns


Has most sacks


Fewest offensive pass attempts


Best net punts in the year


Best average per offensive rush


Best completion percentage


Adding up the points for each of the Super Bowl contenders may let the bettor make a better decision on which team is most likely to win. There are other systems that can be tested, but bettors should be cautious when implementing any kind of system.

The number one strategy that any bettor should have during the Super Bowl is to enjoy the experience, it will make watching and betting on this amazing game that much better.