Kansas City Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs started playing professional football in 1960, when they were first established by Lamar Hunt. The team originally played for American Football League (AFL) until 1969, where the Chiefs joined the NFL during the merger in the 1970. Ever since they joined the NFL they have played in the AFC West and have been playing all of their home games in Arrowhead Stadium, since 1972. They use these same installations as their headquarters located in Kansas City, Missouri. The team colors are Red and Gold, and they actually have two mascots. One of the mascots is Warpaint, a real horse that is ridden by a fully dressed Native American, and the other K. C. Wolf, named after a group of very rowdy fans called the “Wolf pack”. The Chiefs are actually legally and corporately registered as Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, Inc. and since they have never relocated in their franchise history, they are now valued at a little under $1 Billion USD.


Chiefs Brief Team History

The Kansas City Chiefs were established in 1960 by Lamar Hunt, an avid sports fan that dedicated his life to creating and supporting various different sports throughout the U.S. He was the founder of the AFL, as well as investor and owner in other various sports teams, like the Chicago Bulls. The Chiefs did very well during their time with the AFL, winning three league championships, as well as having an all-time AFL record of 92 – 50 – 5. During their time in the AFL, the team played in the Cotton Bowl, and later on used the Municipal Stadium until 1971.

Once the Chiefs joined the NFL, there were several ups and downs throughout the next few decades. Team owner, Lamar Hunt, went through a head coach about every 6 seasons, depending on their record. The one head coach that truly made an impact was Marty Schottenheimer, who coached from 1989 until 1998 and made the Chiefs in top playoff contenders during his time with them. He left the chiefs with a 101 – 58 – 1 record before he left, making it the most prosperous the team had been since their AFL years. During their time in the NFL, the Chiefs have made 12 playoff appearances, along with 8 Division championships. They have yet to make it to the Super Bowl, but with their great line up, it could happen any season.


Notable Chiefs Figures

During its time participating in professional football, the Chiefs have amassed several different players and coaches, as well as other people that are associated with the team, that have made it a great NFL competitor.


Past Chiefs Figures


Linebacker Willie Lanier and quarterback Len Dawson were crucial for the Chiefs during the 1970’s, as they led the team to various winning seasons. They were able to win the NFL Man of the Year Award two years straight, in 1972 and 1973, before the team fell into another slump.


Defensive End Neil Smith and linebacker Derrick Thomas were drafted by the Chiefs during the 1988 and 1989 drafts, respectively, and went on to become enormous assets for the team. The way they defended, along with teammates Albert Lewis and Deron Cherry would make the Chiefs top playoff contenders, and actually taking them to the playoffs six years straight; from 1990 to 1995.


Tony Gonzalez was a tight end for the Chiefs from 1997 until 2008, during which time he accomplished many amazing things. He managed to become the first tight end to ever catch 1000 passes, as well as consistently get over 1,000 yards receiving, which is something a lot of tight ends do not accomplish and has even set NFL records for doing so.


Present Chiefs Figures


Jamal Charles has been a Chiefs running back since 2008, he had some very good seasons but he was out most of the 2011 season. He is now back for the 2012 season and he is accomplishing many great things. He is able to get a lot of yardage, and even ran for 91 yards for a touchdown. Not only is he great running with the ball, but he is a great way for the quarterback to pass the ball to someone when the opponents rush.


Dwayne Bowe is an experience wide receiver and has been playing with the Chiefs since 2007. During most of the seasons where he played and started for most or all of the games, he managed to catch for more than 1,000 yards each season. With the Chiefs relying more on their offense during the 2012 season, Bowe will get to show his catching skills more often.


Two defenders that have been leading the pack for the Chiefs are outside linebacker Justin Houston and inside linebacker Derrick Johnson. These two players complement each other greatly; Johnson makes sure the running plays are disrupted, while Houston does a good job at rushing the quarterback and even getting a few sacks and interceptions.


Present Team Personnel

The current owner of the Kansas City Chiefs is Clark Hunt, who is the son of the previous owner, Lamar Hunt. Clark Hunt is very much like his father, and even grandfather in the sense that he enjoys sports to a great extent and is also an avid businessman; that is a perfect combination when being an owner of a multi-million dollar sports enterprise. The current head coach for the Chiefs is Romeo Crennel, who was hired recently before the 2012 season began. He has a long list of both college and pro football teams that he has gained much experience needed in order to become head coach.