New York Giants


The New York Giants have been around since 1925, and are one of five teams that actually joined the NFL that year; they are also the only team from that group that still exists. Even though they represent New York, they are actually headquartered in East Rutherford, New Jersey in the Timex Performance Center. They also play their home games in East Rutherford in the MetLife Stadium and participate in the NFC East of the NFL. The Giants are ranked third among the other NFL franchises thanks to their eight NFL titles; four were won before the Super Bowl era and four were Super Bowl championships. The team colors of the Giants uniforms are Blue, Red, White, and Gray; pretty standard colors. The Giants are one of the few teams in the NFL that do not have an official mascot.


Giants Brief Team History

The New York Giants started playing professional football in 1925, where they would be part of the early years of the NFL. From 1925 until the merger with the AFL in 1970, the Giants played against other NFL teams that most fans today would not remember ever existed. The Giants did well in their early years, but fell into losing seasons until finally in 1979 the Giants began changing and adapting, creating a better name for themselves. They drafted several important players including quarterback Phil Simms, which would take the Giants on to their first Super Bowl victory in 1986 and the once again in 1990. Once Phil Simms left the Giants in 1994, the team struggled to maintain good season standings.

Jim Fassel took over the head coaching job from 1997 until he was replaced in 2003 by Tom Coughlin. While Fassel was head coach, the Giants only got to the Super Bowl once; losing against the Ravens 34 – 7. Once Coughlin took over the team in 2004, which still remains as the head coach today, the team started to improve. That same year, the Giants acquired a great quarterback that would lead them to more success, Eli Manning. Manning, along with wide receiver David Tyree, managed to clinch a victory over the New England Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl; ending the game 17 – 14. The Giants once again proved their worth by winning the 2011 Super Bowl, and it was against the New England Patriots.


Notable Giants Figures

The Giants have an extensive history, dating back to 1925 when the NFL was just starting out, and along the way they have had a few important people push them along the way.


Past Giants Figures


Joe Morrison started out with the Giants in 1959, until he retired from playing in 1972. The great thing about Morrison was that he played both as a running back and a wide receiver; which during those times, players had more freedom to take on more than one position, or rather they had to. He holds the Giants team record for receptions with 395, and was dubbed “Old Dependable” thanks to his ability to play many different positions in the team.


Phil Simms was a Giants starting quarterback from 1979 to 1993, where he managed to get the Giants two Super Bowl championships. He has received many awards, including many MVP awards. He ended his career with the Giants, accomplishing 199 touchdowns to 157 interceptions, along with 33,462 passing yards. He certainly was influential towards the Giants success.


Lawrence Taylor and the “Big Blue Wrecking Crew” were considered to be one of the greatest NFL defenses during the 1980’s; as it helped get the Giants its first two Super Bowl titles in 1986 and 1990. They were able to keep their opponents to low points per game, as well as effectively stop their passing and rushing. With Taylor at the front of this defense, he was able to get 1,088 tackles, along with 142 sacks and 9 interceptions; very impressive for a linebacker during those times.


Present Giants Figures


Tom Coughlin is the current head coach of the Giants, and he started to improve the team since he was hired in 2004. Since then he has taken the Giants to 5 playoffs, in which two resulted in them winning the Super Bowl; in 2007 and 2011. During his time with the Giants he has a record of 87 – 59 so far and it seems the team will continue to achieve many great things.


Eli Manning was drafted in 2004 by the Giants, and that was the best decision they ever made. He has managed to live up to all of the expectation placed upon a Manning. He has been throwing for more than 3,000 passing yards since the 2005 season. He has already racked up 197 touchdowns so far after the 7th week of the 2012 season, and with his teammates he is able to easily pass the ball.


The offense has many great players, but two of them stand out the most; RB Ahmad Bradshaw and WR Victor Cruz. Bradshaw is one of the few running backs on the Giants team that has been able to get some impressive stats during the 2012 season, and will continue to in the future. Cruz has only been playing with the Giants for two years, with 2012 being his third, and he has been showing his abilities at catching and running with the ball. He will most likely beat his previous seasons records, as he already has 7 touchdowns.


Present Team Personnel

The New York Giants have two owners, John Mara and Steve Tisch, whom own 50% of the team each. Mara is actually the grandson of Tim Mara, the man who helped found and establish the Giants in 1925. The current head coach of the Giants is none other than Tom Coughlin, the man responsible for the sudden increase in performance by the Giants, along with two Super Bowl championships.