Wild Card Weekend Betting


Jan 2016

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betting Chiefs at Texans

The Playoffs have begun, and betting on the Wild Card Weekend will certainly have its advantages. As eight teams compete for the four spots, who will play against the four teams that were given a bye including, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Denver Broncos. It will be a tough weekend, with two games played on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

The weekend opener is between the Chiefs and the unexpected Texans, going all out thanks to the return of their star defensive end, J.J. Watt. This couldn’t be a better match-up, as both teams have similar stats, with the only difference being between their rush and pass offense.

Team Defense Passing Rushing   Point Spread
Chiefs 7th 30th 6th -3½
Texans 3rd 18th 15th +3½

With the Texans getting more passing yards per game, but the Chiefs more rush yards per game, this will ultimately be a defense bash. They both boast some of the better defenses in the league, so it will certainly depend on how well their defense plays. With the Chiefs being a 3.5 point favorite, I would still have to give the win to the Texans.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

The unexpected team in the mix being the Steelers will face off against the Bengals, and will certainly have a lot to prove after regaining the hype they lost at the start of the season. It will be a tough match for either team to win, as their strengths oppose each other, making for a great offense vs. defense situation.

Team Defense Passing Rushing   Point Spread
Steelers 21st 3rd 16th -3
Bengals 11th 15th 13th +3

The Bengals defense has been slightly more successful in keeping the passing yards allowed lower, but not by much. Their defense still has some holes that the Steelers will certainly take advantage of, and with a healthy roster, it looks like the Steelers will move onto the next stage.

Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings

After a very rocky start, the Seahawks managed to get their playoff berth and will be playing against the surprise of the season, the Vikings. With rookies and sophomore players standing out, the Vikings played a great season, but it might not be enough to beat the Seahawks.

Team Defense Passing Rushing   Point Spread
Seahawks 2nd 20th 3rd -6
Vikings 13th 31st 4th +6

Both teams have similar strengths and weaknesses, with the Seahawks having slightly better of both. Being able to dominate on offense, as well as being a huge stopping force on defense is what let them regain their position and make into the playoffs. The Seahawks will be a force to reckon with, and will most likely run over the Vikings in the process.

Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins

It is amazing that after such a poor last few seasons, the Redskins would make it back into the playoffs, but their road to the Superbowl may get cut short as they face the Packers this Sunday. The Redskins may have better passing (shocking right!) than the Packers, but the Packer defense has been able to successfully shut down this kind of offense during the regular season.

Team Defense Passing Rushing   Point Spread
Packers 15th 26th 12th -1
Redskins 28th 11th 20th +1

This game is up in the air as to who really has an advantage over the other. Each team has proven that they are not the best in the league, but they have the ability to play really well or really bad. Let’s hope they are both having a great day on Sunday, as it is anyone’s betting guess as to who will walk away the winner.