Betting the NFL Regular Season

NFL Regular Season

The NFL is one of the most competitive sports in the U.S., which is why it has such a massive following, and a multi-million dollar betting enterprise. The longest portion of the NFL season is the regular season. During the regular season, all 32 NFL teams will be playing and each team will play a total of 16 matches. This portion of the NFL is based on points, rather than single elimination like the Playoffs are. This is an excellent time for bettors and sports fans to really get a close look at how well the teams perform. There will be plenty of time and resources at their disposal to predict and wager on the teams of their choice.

This why knowing what to expect and how to bet on the NFL regular season is crucial for sports bettors that want to make the best possible wagers. The regular season team schedule is an important piece of information, as well as keeping up to date on the team statistics. Other information a bettor could use would come from the news and team updates.


2013 NFL Regular Season Schedule

The regular season schedule changes every season, and it split up between the AFC and NFC conferences and each individual division within the conferences. The season schedule would look like this:






AFC North AFC East NFC North
AFC South AFC West NFC West
AFC East AFC North NFC South
AFC West AFC South NFC East
NFC North NFC East AFC North
NFC South NFC West AFC East
NFC East NFC North AFC West
NFC West NFC South AFC South

Each Division has four NFL teams.

AFC North

AFC South

AFC East

AFC West

Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Buffalo Bills Denver Broncos
Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Miami Dolphins Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars New England Patriots Oakland Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans New York Jets San Diego Chargers


NFC North

NFC South

NFC East

NFC West

Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys Arizona Cardinals
Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers New York Giants San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Redskins St. Louis Rams

Use the schedule and the Division team list to start figuring out which teams will be facing each other. This is a great way to get a head start on figuring out all the team and player information.

Other schedule and team information can be found by Clicking Here.


Keeping up with the NFL Statistics

This is one of the most crucial aspects that any sports bettor should keep in mind when wanting to bet on the NFL regular season. NFL statistics can be one of many different aspects, but the two general forms that are used by most bettors are the team and individual player statistics.

Team Statistics

Team statistics are the overall, general statistics that are given to the NFL teams based on their performance in certain areas like their Offense and Defense. These stats usually stem from the individual player performances, and are given as a total number for that given match or for the entire season. These stats help determine the team’s ranking among the other NFL teams.

A basic example of what team stats are and which aspects they encompass are:


Avg. Points


Passing Yards

Rush Yards


21 (12th)

354 (15th)

210 (13th)

144 (18th)

The record basically lets a bettor know how many Wins and Losses the team has had throughout the season. As for the points and yards, they help determine how well they are doing compared to the rest of the teams in the NFL. They provide the number and the ranking based on the number. For the example above, we can assume that the team is fairly average as they do not rank low or high in any of the figures.

Individual Player Statistics

To get a better outlook and to be able to predict a more accurate outcome of any given NFL match, a bettor would also need to take into consideration the player’s performance and statistics. These stats are important as they give an even closer look at how each NFL team performs. If the pieces of a watch work properly and effectively, that watch will run smoothly. The same goes for the players that make up the teams, if they play good or bad, it will affect the overall team performance. Teams will have some better players than others, that is to be expected, but the goal is to get everyone to play in sync.

Players will have different positions and tasks, like the Quarterback or the Safety. Each player will have different stats that will reflect both individual and team performance on the field. For example, the Quarterback is given a rating, which depends on:

Completed Passes

Attempted Passes



Average Yards










All of those stats can be used to determine how efficient the Quarterback is, based on how many games they have played. It is similar with the other players as well.


News and Team Updates

A bettor should stay alert using the news and team updates throughout the regular season, as injuries or trades could affect a team’s performance. Other news topics like management or coaching changes can also affect a team. Other factors that could impact the outcome of a match could include the weather. Weather is fundamental, especially for open-air stadiums that are subject to the changing climate. Understand what weather can affect what aspects of a football match and that can be a great advantage to predicting a winning team during the regular season.