Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears have been a long known and popular NFL team that has been the center of many different aspects, and their fans certainly stand out. The Chicago bears franchise was established very early on in 1919 as an independent football team and is now one of the strongest and most popular NFL teams. They are currently part of the North Division, which play in the NFC. The Bears management is located in Halas Hall, Lake Forest in Illinois. They have had a long line of different stadiums that they called home, but the most recent stadium they started using in 2003 for all of their home games is Soldier Field in Chicago. Their team colors are Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, and White and are represented by Staley Da Bear, their mascot. Most Bears fans and even other NFL fans should know all about “Da Bears”.


Bears Brief Team History

The Bears team history is a long and impressive road that they have travelled ever since they were established in 1919. Their first year they played as an independent football team, but by 1920 they joined the National Football League, as we know it today, the NFL. The Bears are only one of two teams that have been kept intact from the founding of the NFL. They have played in many different stadiums across their long career. They started playing at Staley Field until 1920, where they went on to play at Wrigley Field until 1970. They moved to Soldier Field until 2001 when they decided to improve the stadium. During the building process they played at Memorial Stadium, and finally in 2003 they started playing at the new and improved Soldier Field.

The Bears have had a very good run, accomplishing many different feats. Before the Super Bowl came into existence, the Bears had won 14 NFL Championships, and by the time the team was at its peak, was able to win the Super Bowl in 1985. Da Bears got to be famous and popular through television, as well as their one hit wonder, “The Super Bowl Shuffle”.


Notable Bears Figures

With their long history, it would be impossible to name all of the important people that made the Bears into what they are today, but trust me they have an impressive list of valuable game changers.


Past Bears Figures


A. E. Staley and George Halas were the primary people responsible for the creation of the Chicago Bears franchise. These two men had great vision, being able to look into the future and realize that football would become something huge and they wanted to be part of that dream. Halas later on bought the team from Staley for just $100. Ever since then the Bears have become a well-known NFL team, with a huge following and tons of fans.


Walter Payton was acquired by the Bears in 1975, where he went on to become one of the greatest Running Backs the NFL has ever seen. In his thirteen seasons playing for the Bears, he held many records like most career rushing yards, touchdowns, carries, and many other categories. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1993, where he will be remembered for all of his skill and ability on the field.


Mike Ditka should be a well-known name among Bears fans. During his ten years as head coach for the Bears, he managed to show the NFL just how good they could become. He managed to make the team into a highly defensive team, and even led them to win the Super Bowl in 1985. He is most known for his mean and tough demeanor.


Present Bears Figures


Brian Urlacher is the Middle Linebacker for the Chicago Bears and has been hitting hard since he was drafted in 2000; that same year he won the Defensive Rookie of the Year.  The reason why Urlacher is such a huge influence is the fact that the Bears defense practically revolves around him. He has the record for most tackles, and so far he has 1,181 tackles in his career. He is just the type of aggressive player that the Bears defense needs.


Henry Melton is the Bears Defensive Tackle. He started hitting runners since 2010 and been key in keeping the pressure on the opponents quarterbacks; getting a high number of tackles and sacks. His career is just starting and it is already evident that he will be a great asset for the Bears defensive line.


Matt Forte is a Running Back that has been playing with the Bears since 2008. The reason he is a good asset for the Bears is because he has shown that not only can he run the ball, but he can also play the position of receiver; taking the passes from the QB when he is in trouble or runs out of options. Forte is and will continue to be a top performer for the offense.


Present Team Personnel

The current owner of the Chicago Bears is Virginia Halas McCaskey, as she is the oldest daughter of the former owner and head coach George Halas. Her son, George McCaskey is the current chairman, after he took over for his brother, Michael McCaskey. The current head coach for the Bears is Lovie Smith and has been doing an excellent job since 2004. He used to be defensive coordinator for other NFL teams, which is what gives him such a great insight into what a strong defensive team, such as the Bears, should do in order to win games.