Miami Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins, the franchise that is part of the sunny State of Florida, was first established in 1966. They were founded by two men, Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas. Robbie was an attorney and a politician, while Thomas was an actor and a comedian; this pair of unlikely men joined forces to bring Miami a professional football team. The Dolphins first started out in the AFL, but soon found themselves being part of the NFL by 1970. Their team colors are Aqua, Orange, White, and Navy, and for a while, they actually had a real dolphin as their mascot; you can imagine why that was a bad idea. So for now they make due with T.D., the new official mascot of the Dolphins, a man-sized dolphin, with arms instead of fins and has an attitude towards its rivals. They are headquartered in the Miami Dolphins Training Facility in Davie, Florida, while they play all of their home games in the Sun Life Stadium that is located in Miami Gardens, Florida.


Dolphins Brief Team History

By 1966, Miami found itself being the city where AFL decided to open another pro football franchise, and the Miami Dolphins emerged. The Dolphins led a regular career while in the AFL, and by 1970 when they joined the NFL, that was when the Dolphins found their true talent and success. From 1971 to 1974, they were considered a near perfect team, being able to get to the AFC Championship three years in a row. Don Shula was the head coach during these times, and a few years after that. The Dolphins faced some losing seasons due to injuries, but got back on their feet short after in 1976. The team hit its stride in 1982, and a year later a legend would join the roster, Dan Marino.

Dan Marino managed to play for 17 seasons for the Dolphins, from 1983 to 1999, where he led the team to great victories and was also able to set and break many different records. Sadly, during the time that Marino was quarterback the Dolphins did not manage to win a Super Bowl championship, although they got there quite a few times. When Marino retired, the Dolphins were hit hard and had been in a slump until as recently as 2011. They are working harder than ever to get back the playoff and Super Bowl contenders they once were.


Notable Dolphins Figures

There have been so many different personalities that passed through the Dolphins that had a great impact on the team; there isn’t enough time or space to talk about each one in detail.


Past Dolphins Figures


Team of the 1970’s was a very impressive time for the Dolphins. It was led by head coach Don Shula, along with quarterback Bob Griese, running backs Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick, and wide receiver Paul Warfield. This great offensive lineup took the Dolphins to amazing heights, winning two Super Bowl championships in consecutive years; in 1972 and 1973. Those seasons are referred to as the “perfect seasons” by many.


The “Killer B’s” was the nickname fans gave the starting defensive lineup of the Dolphins during their 1982 – 1983 seasons. It was composed of Bob Baumhower, Bill Barnett, Lyle Blackwood, Kim Bokamper, Glenn Blackwood, Charles Bowser, Doug Betters, and Bob Brudzinski; you can already tell why they were given that nickname. This defensive line up dealt heavy damage during those seasons, keeping five opponents to 14 or less points and during the playoffs were able to crush previous adversaries.


Dan Marino cannot be overlooked when talking about Miami Dolphin history of great players. He was/is one of the most recognized quarterbacks the league has ever had. He had such an impressive career that he has 31 different Dolphins records, along with various other NFL records that he still holds today. He was inducted not only into the College Football Hall of Fame, but also the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He truly was the face of the Miami Dolphins.


Present Dolphins Figures


Brian Hartline plays as a wide receiver for the Dolphins and has held that position since 2009. He wasn’t very active during most of those seasons, but during the 2012 season he is showing why they should continue to make him a starter. He already has almost as many receiving yards as he has in any other previous season, and the current season isn’t even half-way through.


Reggie Bush hit the NFL with amazing promise as a running back, along with his Heisman Trophy. He was acquired by the Dolphins in 2011, where Bush managed to rush for more yards than he had gotten when playing for the New Orleans Saints. Bush is also an excellent receiver, being able to do both is a great asset for the Dolphins to have.


The Miami defensive line has several great players that should be watched carefully as they will impress their fans. There is MLB Karlos Dansby, DE Cameron Wake, CB Sean Smith, and FS Reshad Jones. Each one of these players brings in something unique, whether it is tackling the opponents effectively or guarding the opposing receivers so well as to get various interceptions. The 2012 Miami defense is looking good.


Present Team Personnel

The thing about the Miami Dolphins is that everyone wanted a piece of the team at one point or another. The majority owner is Stephen M. Ross, holding about 95%, while Wayne Huizenga hold roughly 5%. There are several big name entertainers that also own portions of the team, such as Jennifer Lopez and Fergie. The current head coach of the Dolphins is Joe Philbin and has been working with the team since the start of the 2012 season. We expect great things from Philbin and from the Miami Dolphins.