Licensed By: Panama

Software Provider: ASI

Headquarters: Panama City

Accepts US Players: Yes


BetOnline Overview

BetOnline was established early on, before the big change in legislation took place in the U.S., in 2001. They started out small and have now become a very well-known and recognized name when it comes to online sportsbooks. This online sportsbook is licensed and regulated through the Government of Panama; which incidentally is also where they are headquartered, in Panama City. BetOnline is best known for its amazing sportsbook and the sports betting services it provides; however, they have expanded into an online casino, poker room, and they even have a racebook. The U.S. friendly sportsbook have the latest news and matchups of a wide variety of sports, including the NFL for those football fans.


BetOnline Website
Score: 8.5/10

The BetOnline website is very dynamic, and it makes it very easy for the sports bettors to pick and choose which sports they want to view or follow. As soon as a bettor enters the sportsbook, they are bombarded with the latest news, betting lines, and upcoming matches of the most popular matchups. The website has a function where the bettor can pick one or more sports they would want to follow. The general information can be found using this method, such as date and time of the match, along with the different odds and betting types that are available for the bettor to wager on. The one downside of having such a dynamic and informational website is that it lacks aesthetics; as it looks a little overcrowded.

The sportsbook also has many other functions that are there to help the bettor before, during, and after they place a bet. They have links explaining the different wagering terms and betting types, as well as having a very extensive Stats Center and the Sports Betting edge; which is a news section. All of these services are provided by BetOnline, for free.


BetOnline Sports Selection
Score: 9/10

The BetOnline sports selection that they have includes some of the more popular sports that are better known, nationally and internationally, as well as other types of sports that still don’t have such large fan base, but are equally as competitive and fun to watch. There are some sports fans that before signing up to an online sportsbook, they had no idea some sports existed.

The more popular sports would have to include Baseball, Basketball, and Football; with Soccer and Boxing coming in as close seconds. There are other great sports like Hockey and Rugby, which are different in how they are played, but are similar in the fact that they are highly competitive. They have lesser followed sports like Lacrosse, Softball, and even Darts. Having such a wide variety of sports helps diversify the different types of bets a sports fan can place.


BetOnline Wagering Options
Score: 9/10

BetOnline offers a good amount of different types of bets, which helps in both revenues and entertainment value. They have the regular forms of betting like the Straight bet, Totals, Money Line, and the Point Spread. They also have a good amount of possible Parlays and Prop bets that can be used to enhance the bettor’s experience. With more wagering options, a bettor can actually place different bets, which could increase their chances of winning, and getting a larger payout. The odds given at BetOnline can be shown in either American or Decimal form; whichever the bettor is more comfortable with.


BetOnline Bonuses and Promotions
Score: 9.5/10

There are tons of different bonuses and promotions at BetOnline; all a bettor needs to do is take their pick. They do have certain bonuses that are only for new members, but they also like to give back to their loyal players with other types of bonuses and promotions. The new member bonus would be the Signup Bonus, where they would get a 25% bonus, up to $900 upon signing up and depositing money into their account.

For those members whose bankroll needs a boost, they can get a Reload Bonus, where they are matched 25%, up to $900. There are specific promotions that are based on the actual sportsbook and the sports bets; Mulligan Bet, Hlaftime Surrender, and Shutout Bailout. The Mulligan Bet is where a bettor can take a Mulligan and cancel a losing NFL wager. A bettor can get half their stake back by cancelling their wager at halftime, using the Halftime Surrender. With the Shutout Bailout, a bettor will get a refund if their team gets shutout.

These are just a few of the awesome incentives BetOnline has for its members, free cash to bet with, and being able to get back some cash on a losing wager. They even give players bonus rewards based on their activity.


BetOnline Banking Options
Score: 8.5/10

At BetOnline, they want their members to feel safe and secure when conducting financial transactions, which is why they deal only is U.S. dollars as the official currency, and have many other options for depositing and withdrawing.

Deposit Options

Withdraw Options

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Money Gram and Western Union
  • Money Orders
  • Moneybookers
  • Bank Wire
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Wire
  • Cashier’s Check

There are more options when wanting to deposit funds and less when wanting to withdraw; it keeps the costs down for both the sportsbook and the bettor. There may be fees, and maximum and minimum withdraw and depositing limits with each method.


BetOnline Customer Service
Score: 3/10

BetOnline does have a customer service telephone service that they are proud of, but they do not show it anywhere, even after clicking on the Contact Us link. For future reference, their customer service phone number is 1-888-426-3661; fax number is 1-800-453-0804.