Michael Sam Hasn’t Been The Only Gay Player In The NFL


Jun 2015

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Gay Football Players

The NFL seems to not have welcomed Michael Sam, first openly gay football player, in the best manner, but he seems to be doing fine as he has joined the CFL and the Montreal team Alouettes. However, very recently Fred Smoot, former CB for the Redskins, was reported saying that there have been more than a few players that were gay in the League.

Smoot told fans, during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) done on Reddit.com, that everyone in the NFL knew of other players that were gay, and the not-so-surprising attitude was that not one really cared. People have to give the players and coaches more credit, as they really do not care about their fellow teammates sexual orientation, as it doesn’t seem to have affected their performance.

The reason that Michael Sam made the news in such a big way was that he was the first openly gay player to enter the NFL, but he was certainly not the only gay player to ever play in the League; these players simply decided to remain silent about their lifestyle. In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter, but overall perception of this controversial subject always taints honesty.

This goes to prove that gay or straight, as long as you can play like a professional football player, it certainly won’t matter to the other players.