Football Finger Fails, NFL Players With Most Drops


Oct 2015

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Football players dropped ball percent

It doesn’t matter how much press or hype a NFL player gets, if they are unable to catch the football in a proficient way, they are not helping out the team. Positions on the offense like the wide receiver, running back, and even the tight end have to be able to help their quarterback and team by catching the ball and being able to hold on to it, and possibly even score; at the minimum get a few yards before going down. However, there are some players that are not living up to expectations, as they are having a hard time gripping the ball.

We would call it having “butter fingers”, as anything would slip right through, but when we see professional players getting affected, it could be bad for their teams. Here are the top five players with the highest drop percent:

Player Team Drops Targets Drop %
Benny Cunningham Rams 3 20 15%
Dwayne Harris Giants 3 21 14.3%
T.J. Yeldon Jaguars 3 23 13%
Leonard Hankerson Falcons 5 39 12.8%
Darren Sproles Eagles 4 33 12.1%

If a player has such a high drop percent, the coach and quarterback may think twice about putting you on the field, let alone throw a pass to you even if you are open. A dropped pass, for these stats, are balls that could have been caught under normal circumstances. This doesn’t include balls that were overthrown or where defenders got in the way; where 100% of the blame falls on the receiver. There are some players that are doing very good, and haven’t dropped the ball a single time so far this season.

  • WR Travis Benjamin, Cleveland Browns has caught 35 of 56 targets.
  • TE Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots has caught 34 of 54 targets.
  • WR Allen Hurns, Jacksonville Jaguars has caught 31 of 49 targets.

This gives some teams a lot of hope, especially to quarterbacks like Tom Brady, who knows he has a great tight end he can depend on to catch the ball and not drop it. There are other factors that these players offer their teams, so it isn’t all bad. For more information on the football stats of some of these players, check it out here.