Basic Betting Articles

Everyone that has ever placed a bet on a sporting event had to start somewhere. These basic articles are a compilation of the knowledge that successful sports bettors have found to work, for them and for many others. Learning from experience can be good, self-research can also be good, and with these articles, any new sports bettor can be on their way to becoming successful by following and using what they learn. The articles are focused on the general aspects of sports betting, as well as specifics that have to deal with Football betting. A great place to get the basic knowledge any football bettor will need.

Basic Tips for Football Betting

A great place to start becoming a successful sports bettor. These are basic betting tips for those bettors that are beginning to place wagers on football match-ups. Learning and understanding is the first step towards being a great bettor.

Football Betting Lines

Learn what the football betting lines are and how to properly take advantage of them; including the main three types of betting types and how to calculate the possible payouts.

Calculating Payouts

Every bettor should know how to calculate their possible winnings. Using this easy to follow guide, they can learn how to calculate the possible payouts depending on the bets they make.

Football Betting Odds

Learn how to read and analyze the football betting odds that are given by any of the online sportsbooks. As well as, understanding what the odds mean during the different intervals of the football season.

Football Betting Online

A section for those sports bettors that want to know where and how to start betting on football through the internet. As well as some tips on what to look out for before placing a bet online.

Football Glossary

A great source of all of the football words and terms that a person may not be familiar with. Learning the language used during a football match is essential when wanting to bet on this particular sport.

Football Rules

Learn the ins and outs of the football rules that are important to understand when watching and betting on a football match. To understand how the game works, a bettor needs to first understand the rules that govern the game.

How to Bet on Football

The different aspects that are involved when wanting to place a bet on a football match. Learn all about the betting types, how to calculate the payouts, and the benefits that each bring to a sports bettor.

How to Bet on Football (2)

Betting on football can be complicated if the bettor doesn’t know what to do. This is an easy to understand, basic guide on how to bet on football, along with brief explanations of what to expect from an online sportsbook.

How to Bet on Football

Betting on football can be complicated if the person doesn’t know what to do. This is an easy to understand basic guide on how to bet on football.

Money Management Basics

These are basic tips where a bettor can learn how to manage their money in order to become a more successful bettor. Important hints and tips based on methods that are proven to work.


Start to surf the Football Betting website and get to know the different areas that can help or enhance the football betting experience. Learn where the different options lead and where the information is located.

Picking the Right Bet

Bettors can use this section to know about the betting types and how they should be used in order to get the most out of their wager. Remember that picking the right bet is as important as picking the right team.

Regular Types of Football Betting

Learn about the general types of bets that are used at any of the popular online sportsbooks, when wanting to place a wager on a football matchup. Learn the basics, to later learn how to use them to your advantage.

Signing Up on an Online Sportsbook

This is a quick guide for those new bettors on to how to sign up on an online sportsbook. Finding the best places to look for a sportsbook, as well as what factors to consider when picking the sportsbook.

Special Types of Football Betting

Enjoy learning how to use any of the different special types of bets that are offered at an online sportsbook. These include the Teaser, Please, Parlays, and Proposition bets; these will not only increase the possible payout, but also make the betting process more enjoyable.


Knowing the basics in the best foundation a sports bettor can do when wanting to increase their chances of being a successful sports bettor, especially during the football season. This is only the first step that they have to take in order to become successful and to predict the matchup winners. Always try to keep these basic betting articles in mind when learning the more advanced methods.