College Football Articles

One of the largest sporting events in the U.S. happens during the college football season; where more than one hundred different teams meet on the turf and battle it out while playing their hearts out for their school, their fans, and their pride. College football obviously has many differences and similarities with the NFL, and it is a big advantage for sports bettors to know these. Get to know the basics, as well as the more intricate aspects of betting on college football.

Betting on the College Football Bowls

Learn all of the basic tips and strategies when it comes to placing a bet on college football during the Bowl games. College football Bowls are played and organized differently, so learning about that will improve the bettor’s chances of winning.

Betting the College Football Spread

Strategies and tips for the college football bettors that want to learn how beat the spread. This comes with a few basic tips on how to analyze and understand the spread, as well as how to properly middle a bet.

College Football Betting

These are the basics that every sports bettor should know before placing a wager during the college football season. Understanding the differences between pro and college football, as well as other college football specifics.

College Football Betting Lines

Knowing what the college football betting lines are and understanding the basic information that comes with them. Such information like which is the Favorite or Underdog, as well as how each betting type should be interpreted.

College Football Betting Odds

Learn how to use and interpret the different betting odds during the college football season. Once a bettor understands the difference odds, they can use them to base their predictions on and possibly predict a winner.

College Football Betting Predictions

Knowing how to predict the outcome of a college football match is what every sports bettor wants to achieve. Learn the basics that come with accurately predicting the outcomes of the college football matches.

College Football Betting Strategy

Some of the most popular and proven strategies a bettor can use to improve their chances when betting on college football. These are general strategies that a bettor can take and adapt to their individual preferences.

College Football Betting Systems

Understand the benefits of using and applying college football betting systems, since a betting system is a specific set of data that only pertains to a specific sport. There are also some examples of what to expect.

College Football Betting Tips

This is where every bettor interested in placing a bet on college football should start. These are basic tips that a sports bettor should follow when placing bets on college football.

College Football Handicapping

Become a successful college football handicapper and be able to accurately predict the upcoming match winners. There are differences and similarities between college and pro football, so knowing them will help when predicting a winner.

College Football Picks

Learn how to find, and determine which college football picks are appropriate to use, as well as how to create your own picks. Being able to pick the right team or match outcome will be the difference between a big payout and a loss.

Creating a Football Betting System

Learn how to create your own college football betting system using the shared knowledge of successful bettors and proven methods. This way the bettor can easily adapt their information and use it to their benefit.

Online College Football Betting

A good section for those that are just starting out with online betting. Know where and how to find the best places to bet on college football on the internet, along with basic tips on what to look for when selecting the online sportsbook.

Big Ten College Football Predictions

The Big Ten conference is an ironic name to have, since the Big Ten has twelve Division I teams. When it originally was founded in 1896, it was formerly known as the Western Conference.

Big East College Football Predictions

The Big East has some really great contenders this season; however some of its members will be leaving the conference to the ACC. They will be getting a few new members in 2013.

ACC College Football Predictions

The Atlantic Coast Conference, and was founded in 1953 in order to become a collegiate athletic league. There are 12, current, universities and colleges that have Division I football teams that take part of the ACC.

Understanding and becoming familiar with what college football is and how to bet on this popular sport will greatly enhance the bettor’s potential winnings. These articles give insight into what a bettor should expect and hope for when placing bets on the college football season. College football is extremely popular, so do not get left behind when it comes to making money off of a highly enjoyable sport.